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  • LindQLindQ Posts: 466 Kingster

    We do, of course, test all the levels before we release them. But we do release 45 levels every week. Each level is tested and tweaked before release, but we don't have thousands of testers. We do, however, get valuable data when a level is released and tested by the end of content Windows 10 players, they sometimes know the game better than we do, and therefore we value their feedback. If we were to test the levels to be as accurate as they are after the first two days live we wouldn't be able to release more than one episode every other week. As an early player you get to provide us with valuable feedback, and since we have started a bigger feedback collecting system from this week on there will be an even bigger way for you guys to influence the game.

    We love creating fun levels for you guys, and we release patches for levels daily so that the game can be as enjoyable as possible, with levels that are both easy, hard and everything in between, so that everyone can find something they like. 😊

    I hope this answer suffices. If there's any other questions I'll be back tomorrow to answer them and I'll let you guys know when we push the new patch tomorrow as well, and what levels are in it. Have a nice evening, friends πŸ˜‰

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

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  • Michael-6Michael-6 Posts: 346 Level 3
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    9100 was hard, really have to get the icing at the top cleared quickly or you're screwed. And that is easier if you don't clear the main playing area, but you cant take too long or you wont have enough moves to clear the main bit. 9101 is really hard indeed. Bit too much mess to clear in this one i think

  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 155 Level 3

    @LindQ not easy level but challenging level, where one has to think every move, I picked up. Or a fun level. Cannot be all of those easily, but 9116 was a great challenge. Fun in a way because the Magic Mixer spawns Bonbons. However I had to think in every move and look all over the board, and track the cherries late on. Got lucky on final move when two wrapped for combo took the last cherry. Last hard level seen maybe in need of tweaking was 9111, with icing and jellies in hard to get places and not enough space to create the major combos needed. Nearly finished, just 7 levels left.

  • saurensauren Posts: 178 Level 3

    @LindQ Thank you for the quick "fix" on level 9088!

  • macdogmacdog Posts: 57 Level 2

    anyone else have issues with 9101 it is awful.

  • Marina_ZakonMarina_Zakon Posts: 45 Level 2

    @macdog same here, stuck on 9101. @LindQ can you please escalate this issue?

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 953 Level 3
    Depends, I usually prefer making my own special candies.

    @LindQ I have an advantage living in Australia. The new levels are released at around midnight, my time, therefore I don't start until the morning. I check the forum first and pick up the dangers + when I started this morning you had promptly tweaked Level 9088, so I didn't have a problem.

    Congratulations are in order for a very good set of 45 levels. 9083, 9084, 9091, 9101, 9115, 9118 and 9124 were all great levels. The worst levels were all the Rainbow Rapids levels, with 9113 being terribly boring and plagued with constant reshuffles. The very best 9115 and the very worst 9113.

    My only complaints are the nearly total absence of Freddo the Frog and the Tasty Picks drop box on every level. I think once or twice an episode is enough to get the "sale" message across. Besides being a pain, it also wastes valuable seconds of F5 timed boosters !!

    All in all, an excellent mixture of hard, enjoyable, tactical and easy levels. Thank you to all involved for producing this week's 45 levels.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,434 Level 4

    @macdog, it is a terrible level, or maybe we just got dished up with terrible boards. I normally keep count of ingame boosters used, but with this one I just wanted to finish it. I could easily have used 4-6 boosters to pass.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,434 Level 4

    @Peter_Tornaros, well done. Maybe I should also tune my clock to Aussie time. You are right about the mix. I only played up to the second episode, bar one level. This was more strategic for this morning. My first level will give me Weekly race boosters. I also keep an eye on my F5 team, so I play over 1-3 days.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 953 Level 3
    Depends, I usually prefer making my own special candies.

    @macdog @Albert_Heinrich I must have got a decent board on 9101. Although it was moderately hard for me, I found it to be a level that required a fair bit of thought.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,434 Level 4

    The only boosters that can destroy the AS covered with the impermeable licorice fence is a CB Combo and Party Popper. The situation has to be spot on for it to occur.

    When I get the message about not destroying the AS because it spawns order, it spooks me and I freak out and think of the dreaded "OOPS".

    Is there any way of sanitizing that message, since I thread lightly around those levels and make stupid mistakes. I know that it cannot be destroyed any other way, but it just freaks me. Not sure about other player.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,434 Level 4

    The one thing I cannot resist is a CB Combo, so when the opportunity arises at the start of the level, I usually just go for it. This is despite not knowing how the level will play. I seldom watch videos, so like most of us I play blind.

    I'd probably purchase a combo if it was available. MMMM, something to think about, instead of extra moves.

    It is just magic, seeing those blockers disappear, especially those licorice locked once. Maybe I suffer from some impulse control disorder, like pyromania. Lol

    I do burn my fingers sometimes when I use a LH, instead of FS. With the LH the chance of a cascade is great, especially if it is at the top of the board.

    I also invested in Paint Stripe, which is really helpful for those pain in the but hidden jellies or blockers.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 466 Kingster

    As previously stated, we patch levels every day around lunch-time CET. We unfortunately can't fix levels around the clock, but we do make sure to get to things every weekday. 9088 was somewhat of a special case, since it seemed extremely difficult with the settings of the candy cannons spawnrates so we made an exception and pushed a very early patch.

    9101 is on the list for today's patch, as well as 9108. These have been flagged as harder than they're supposed to be. We might tweak down some more levels as well, since the data tends to see the levels as harder and harder. The first players to go through levels are really good at clearing levels, and they also use a lot of boosters to help them get through. The more people play the levels the higher the average playtime gets. It's interesting to see that you guys that play so eagerly are probably some of the best players 😊

    Expect a patch in a few hours ^^

    I work with designing and maintaining levels within Candy Crush Saga. Please feel free to ask me about levels, or tell me your favorites!

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,434 Level 4

    Just completed the last episode and what a great episode it was for me. Kudo's to the team.

    I only used boosters in level 9121, which I should now classify as my worst in term of playing experience, but it was not a bad level at all. The rest of the boosters I used out of choice to make my own luck. The mix was quite good and no real dreaded levels. Some had you thinking and anticipate possible cascades.

    I was fortunate to get CB Combo's in a few levels and made CB Combo's in two or three of them. Only one flopped on me because of the very small starting board. Only six squares, so that was a loss of FS booster.

    Levels 9111 - 9120 played very well for me, and most I could finish with a few moves to spare.

    My best level was 9123, with 9125 a very close second.

    The worst level was 9121 (I replayed it four times now, without boosters and always come short, either the to or the bottom. Sorry team, it was actually is a bit harder level, so I retract my previous assertion. The issue is that the board gives very few options at the bottom. It was the two top corners though that caused the hassle.

    With me playing levels with quite a few starting boosters, and declaring them great levels, does not do justice to those that start without any boosters. They are the real sloggers that will be able to give a true reflection of how levels play. I have a OK stash of in-game boosters, which helps me navigate the the levels when I foresee a possible issue. There are players that do not have that luxury and have to rely on countless replays. I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO YOU AND SALUTE YOU ALL.

    Good luck to everyone that still needs to complete. Will be checking in here to see how things are going and give some cheers.

    @LindQ, thanks for creating this platform, it is really helpful and it gives a bit of insight on what goes on in the background. I am sure players appreciate your presence. We might get irate sometime, but it is with a good heart I think

  • candyfancycandyfancy Posts: 31 Level 2
    The Sniping levels are OK.

    @LindQ Thank u sir for patching 9088 early First episode all levels were straight forward and my favourite design is 9091 then9100 second episode 9108 is awful 9101 9104 9105 9106is hard but strategy need to pass and enjoy playing such levels but 9103 is boring

    Third episode will begin tomorrow with F5

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