Give back a life for a friend that gifted us

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It would be lovely to return a live for a friend that gave us one somehow! We always received lives but because we are ahead in the game it's dificult to give them back.


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    Hello @Mimicyg & welcome to the community

    The subject of lives in one form or another is a very popular subject. Also common is the complaint of how difficult it is to give lives to players that are a long way behind us on the map.

    For your second issue there is already an active idea that is requesting a solution. If you would like to see an easy way of scrolling back through the map to make the giving of lives easier I would suggest you go and cast your vote in the thread below:

    As for your first idea unfortunately the Master List of Ideas states that ideas related to sharing of lives are no longer allowed.

    Here is what the Master List says:


    Please note that many ideas get duplicated several times, therefore, below please find a list of topics that need not be addressed since these topics have been archived (will not be implemented)

    Fantastic Five (any discussion on this event), Fish, Go to level (vote HERE for original idea), Levels (anything to do with lives or asking for level changes is not an idea/post it in the Discussion area), Lives (all, including asking for shorter time or more lives), Moves, Rewards for being at the top (the studio is always working on events with rewards), Sharing (lives or boosters with friends), Timed boosters (they are on a clock so once the clock starts ticking it runs until time runs out), Wheel (the wheel was updated not too long ago).

    Please do not create new ideas on any of these listed above. Please feel free to check out Tiffi's Idea Library for additional archived ideas. Thank you.



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    Hi @Mimicyg and welcome to our Community!

    I moved your feedback post from Ideas to Discussions.

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    Hi guys! Thanks for ao information!

    Can the idea still be implemented?


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