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Why do I not get Vedio's to help with hard levels

Please assist why do I not received as Vedio to help with hard levels ?

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  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 22,206 Candy Moderator

    Welcome to the friendly King Community.

    The help we get from watching ad videos belongs to the test group and there is no guarantee that this feature will always available or at every level. You will find more detailed information about it HERE.

    Thank you!

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @LetlhogonoloNolo Hi and welcome,

    The video ads feature is a bonus feature and is not always guaranteed to be in your game, It is given to groups of randomly selected people, so this just means your not in that group at present but you could be again in the future. It can also be missing due to temporary problems

    To make sure your getting the features available to you check your game is up to date and log out and restart your device , then log back in. regularly do this to keep your game as up to date as possible

    Thank you

  • LetlhogonoloNoloLetlhogonoloNolo Posts: 2 Newbie
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    Thank you very much

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