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✅ Play Fantastic Five to win Gold Bars and 24h Unlimited Lives ( FINISHED )

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Hello Candy Crushers 🍭

Fantastic Five is one of the features in Candy Crush Saga .Playing with teams, you'll be able to collect points as a group with some scrumptious rewards! 1,700 points : Lollipop Hammer, 4,350 point : Colour Bomb x1, Free Switch, & 7,000 points: Striped and Wrapped  x1, Colour Bomb x1, UFO x1 .Play Fantastic Five and Show your progress for a chance to win Gold Bars and 24hours Ulimited lives


  • Play Fantastic Five Feature then post a screenshot must be shown Claim button and choose one goal completed like these example's pictures have showed above.. Please check out this guide on how to take a screenshot HERE!

🏆️ Prizes

  • 5 (Five) Winners randomly picked players will get 20 Gold Bars each.
  • If you can complete up to 7000 points and will get picked as one of the five winners, you will get an additional bonus 24hour Unlimited lives

🗓️ Dates

  • You will be able to participate here until 19th November ( 10:00 CET)   Terms and Conditions here.
Good Luck 🍭🍭🍭



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