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💌 Lives inbox - How does it work? New Update!



  • Adav
    Adav Posts: 598 Level 3

    So my saved lives are adding up every day, but I can't use them? How does the math work? With this not being able to use your lives given, I get stuck on extremely hard levels for days on end.... IT IS STUPID!!!!!!! I CAN NOT AFFORD THE FINANCIAL BURDEN OF BUYING ANYTHING, so If King does not want us poor plebs to play , then at least be honest about it and say so

  • spottedhorse
    spottedhorse Posts: 180 Level 3

    So much I would like to say!

    BUT, I expect I would get kicked to the curb by many..........

    Have a great day yall

  • kidaca98
    kidaca98 Posts: 2 Newbie

    "This update on Lives was done to encourage you to use the lives feature the way it’s meant to be used, which is exchanging lives with others on a daily basis rather than accumulating them."


    Seriously, does anyone believe that the levels can be completed with the limited amount of moves given? Maybe some, if you use boosts, but not many... so, what do we do?... we spend money to be able to move on. Even the small "bone" they throw out "adding extra moves" because we're "so close" costs us! I was ok with that... but this new rule is ridiculous!

    If this doesn't change, I'm done. Greed is an ugly look, King!

  • smyoder
    smyoder Posts: 1 Newbie

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice! I immediately wondered why adding friends, gifting and receiving lives is promoted to only be limited once again.

  • rosewillow
    rosewillow Posts: 1 Newbie

    So many comments on this, I haven't managed to read them all, but it seems to me that your customers don't like restricted lives at all.

    Just another thought- Why give us boosts for an hour, when you can't play for an hour, without spending a fortune. I realise this is a money making business, but if you lose all your customers you won't be making any money at all. Whoever thought this idea up should be demoted!

  • TinaBrown57
    TinaBrown57 Posts: 87 Level 2

    I've stopped playing now as it was causing too much stress. You can't get of your levels without I use to.spend money.but the restrictions with lives is ridiculous so there is no point in this game anymore hence why I've left it now.

  • terranova11
    terranova11 Posts: 124 Level 3

    "This update on Lives was done to encourage you to use the lives feature the way it’s meant to be used, which is exchanging lives with others on a daily basis rather than accumulating them." far ....butttt....I have more than 200 lives...and if I want to play i can't use more than 20. What is the use of that?? They are MY lives given to me by MY friends.. ..

    "We’re listening. Life limits for the mailbox are important for the health of players and the game itself”.

    It should be..."We interfere in your life" or "What reason can we think of to look for another excuse"

    The reason behind these ridiculous limited lives keep changing...

    First it was a server/mail problem...and now King is concerned over our health?😁😁😁

    well stress levels are up. King determines how many times I play....

    It should not be like that....King and CC developerz should appreciate players and honour them

  • SirMatthew™
    SirMatthew™ Posts: 16 Level 2

    This RIDICULOUS limit on lives makes me want to do ONE thing. QUIT PLAYING CANDY CRUSH SAGA - as well as the REST of King games. It's not going to make us spend more money on the game. NO. In fact, I'm DONE spending money. WHY bother? A limit of 20 lives when the levels are extremely difficult is ludicrous.

  • Pattyt67
    Pattyt67 Posts: 239 Level 3

    They’re all nightmarishly hard after a certain point and to limit my ability to pass these levels is bad business. Another King bad business move!!

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