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    @mw111 - well welcome to the community, even though it's because of the recent change some of us are experiencing with the timed boosters collected thru sugar drops.  I also briefly joined the candy club hoping for some exciting boosters once all 5 challenges were won.  Once I saw what they were - I didn't join again.  Anyway - I think you are in the same group as a lot of people are now doing - just completing the new episodes and every once in awhile collecting sugar drops.
    Now that you have joined our community - I hope you spend a little time exploring.  There are all kinds of things to do (besides commiserate with fellow crushers) and the link below provides a lot of useful information. Of particular interest is the large contest going on in 14 of the various game threads.  If you correctly solve all 14 puzzles you will win 100 gold bars.  There is a link to the contest in the thread below.

    Anyway - welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here.

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

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  • mw111mw111 Posts: 20 Level 2
    Thank you, fellow Pooh fan. 
    I appreciate your dedication!
  • Mj-11Mj-11 Posts: 4 Newbie
    The timed boosters will really reduce my enjoyment of playing. I need hammers and hands to get through levels.
  • dirkplofdirkplof Posts: 3 Newbie
    I used to play a lot , since the timed boosters were installed I only play once a day , it's no longer fun anymore !

  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,899 Community Manager
    I am hopeful, because of the strong response, that we will get King to take action sometime in the not too far distant future.

    @Jelly Jenny - out of curiosity can you tell me how large the 'testing group' is for the timed boosters?  What percentage of players are now getting timed boosters?

    Thank you.
    While features are being tested, the group can be changed, adjusted and reshuffled, so unfortunately I can't give a definite number for it. 

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  • DivazDivaz Posts: 45 Level 2
    I also have timed sugar drops but would rather be off the sugar track for all the reasons mentioned above. Is there any way i could turn it off? KING i would rather have no boosters than the timed boosters. It is the reason why i disliked the beanstalk game .PLEASE turn mine off. I have committed to playing the game without boosters AND without buying any since build a bot was changed. I have stuck to my guns and have progressed quite far.
  • Mimia530Mimia530 Posts: 5 Newbie
    I would like to see King eliminate the timed boosters as a sugar drop reward. They are useless when you are at the end of the game waiting for new levels. The time runs out before we are able to benefit from them. King please go back to the old way of getting boosters for sugar drops. Thank you!
  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 Level 3
    King, where are the hammers and hand switches? Did you take them away too!!!! Not nice....they are important boosters to get through the really hard levels. Not Cool!!
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 10,657 Superstar
    Welcome to the community @Mj-11 , @dirkplof , @Mimia530 and @Divaz (I see you are already starting to be active in the community)!  Thank you for participating and expressing your opinions about this new feature being tested in Candy Crush Saga.  One of the reasons the Community exists is to give everyone the opportunity to express their opinions, exchange ideas and communicate with fellow game players.  It also gives the game developers and staff members a chance to receive feedback from all the loyal fans out here.

    @Lindsey_Ash - I actually will occasionally see a hammer (once I even got a total of two) among the timed boosters - but I have never seen a hand switch.  I am getting concerned about how scarce and hard it is becoming to get them since sometimes they are necessary to complete a hard level (unless you play over and over and over until you get that lucky board and I am too impatient for that).

    "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh

    Be sure to come check out the  Beginner's Corner and visit the lounge area 💕💕
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  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 Level 3
    @bearwithme , I agree. I am not patient enough to play over and over and over again it just takes all the fun out of it. King please give the hammer and hand switch boosters back.
  • Patsy_IncePatsy_Ince Posts: 3 Newbie
    Please stop the timed sugar drops. I feel like I’ve wasted 7 years of my life playing ccs. You’re alienating your customers.
  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 Level 3
    I am surprised that King has not taken action to take off timers yet as there are a whole lot of people who have been complaining and as a result have stopped playing. I guess King doesn't care about their customers.
  • ZZ430101ZZ430101 Posts: 12 Level 2
    My take: Why should King care about a handful of disgruntled players out of millions? I'm sure they are monitoring every statistic of CCS. They see a few less players, but they are also seeing the increase in revenue because of this decision to time boosters. It is just one of several lately to come down from on-high.

    It was obviously a business decision. I totally understand.

    If I had spent $5.9 billion for a company I would expect to see numbers in the black too.

    Candy Crush isn't a charity. Even as we speak I'll bet there are people figuring more ways to increase profits and decrease player enjoyment.
  • knitsafghansknitsafghans Posts: 45 Level 2
    zz43010 - i agree that it may be a business decision.   but decisions should evaluate tradeoffs.    i for example have never and will never spend a dime buying boosters.   I am fine spending time watching short videos to earn boosters.   Presumably those  ad videos equate to monetary gain for King.    But those videos are presented in between games that I will no longer be playing because I only played for sugar drops to earn boosters to power my way through the new levels each week.    So what King MAY have decided is that the folks who would have earned boosters via sugar drop will be willing to pay for them and that's worth losing the ad click revenue from players like me.    But I'm not so sure it's that thought through ....
  • mariajardinemariajardine Posts: 41 Level 2
    There are so many loyal players very upset about the time boosters that I hope King listen to us and bring back the regular boosters. Otherwise; they are in danger of loosing the players that have spent lots of time playing twice a day for years collecting boosters.
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