No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • GggrrrrrGggrrrrr Posts: 7 Level 2
    I have been playing this every day since 2014. I am SO CROSS at the new change...not being able to reset a level without losing a life...I love this game, it's the only one I play. I am seriously considering leaving, and will NOT be buying any boosters. As many others have said it is unfair and will cost you customers, and those of us who play will no longer be able to recommend this as a fun and good value game. Reputational damage is hard to undo...
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  • GggrrrrrGggrrrrr Posts: 7 Level 2
    Also I have never had the opportunity others do to watch videos and earn boosters....why ? 
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 511 Level 4
    @Gggrrrrr I think that feature's only for iOS/mobile players. I saw it on my nephew's iPad once. It's not in my Win 10 app though.
  • Mim_Mim_ Posts: 555 Level 4
    I have reached level 6005 without buying boosters. I have to do some levels over and over again as I have only very few boosters that I've earnt each week. I will not buy anymore. @Sukanta_Biswas does what he can to help when theres a glitch as those levels cannot be done without many many boosters. The worst thing they could of done now is to take away the chance we had to restart the game without losing a life.

  • Benni_JonesBenni_Jones Posts: 32 Level 2
    Wrote King, no answer. Played a few levels today, won 2, won't keep trying on the third. I'm in the 3600's, CC was a fun thing to do, now I feel they are playing me for a sucker. I have other games I can play. 
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 20,752 Candy Moderator
    Hi @Mim_
    I've been playing since the birth of the game, but never got the chance. However, I've been listening to many and thought it was a test feature.😉 I later confirmed it was a error that game studio has been successful in solving.
    I think the error will not come back.😂

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  • crankinbeatcrankinbeat Posts: 53 Level 3

    Regarding this so-called “fix” (I keep trying to post this comment, but for whatever reason it won’t post):

    I’ve been playing this game off and on since 2013. I recently came back last year (2018) after a very long sabbatical and started with the 1st level as a kind of challenge.

    In the past year or so, I’ve learned a lot about the game in terms of how to get free boosters and gold (i.e. including how to very efficiently in a fast way - do sugar drops twice a day; something that long time users should definitely know about, but I guess some don’t for whatever reason), winning various contests and so on (this also includes a way to - at times - get unlimited boosters by signing in and out of Facebook if on a mobile, something that I’m pretty sure 99% of the people are likely unaware of). If anyone needs advice on any of these tips and tricks, just message me, although I’m sure MANY people will now be quitting (sorry to digress).

    However, I believe that this so-called “fix” [sic] - AFTER 6+ years (!) - is total BS. The only thing I can think of as the reason that King came out with this so-called “fix,” is greed and the fact that they just want to make MORE money. I’m glad that unlike many/most (?) other players, I did not spend any money (only because I was fortunate enough to know a lot of tips and tricks in terms of how to get free boosters, gold, lives, etc). But of course, I would probably be even way more peeved - and I already am as it is - if I did spend a lot money. 

    I’m one of the players like many of the other veterans here, that waits each week for new levels to be added. I just completed the highest level (5915) a few days ago (the highest for iOS as of 12-9-19), but with this “fix,” I definitely don’t think this will be as fun as it used to be - it’s already VERY hard as it is - and I definitely feel that King has pulled off a big “con.”

    But I especially feel bad for all of the people that either haven’t advanced as high as I have, or people that just started playing a few months ago. 

    Hey King: please listen to all of your customers and do the RIGHT THING. Reverse this totally horrendous decision regarding this so-called “fix” (that was NEVER an issue for over 6+ years! 🤔) - and bring back our ability to exit the board/reset the board and not lose a life if not making a move - otherwise, many people definitely will be quitting. And less customers = less money, right?

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind and thanks for reading my “vent.”

  • probabilitycloudprobabilitycloud Posts: 15 Level 2
    I joined this forum only to find why roughly 20 gold bars disappeared from my account. I stumbled across the “fix” controversy and said my 2 cents (never pay & now never watch the revenue-generating ads for any benefit, boosters or lives). It’s refreshing to be playing so much less. I’m reading a book!

    Now, CC has given me an “insight giver” badge. I’ve no idea what this is, nor whether it somehow benefits me - and I don’t care. I hereby give it back to any CC employee who can answer my original question: Why did 20 bars disappear?
  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,603 Level 5
    edited December 2019

    Good! You finally changed your first misleading Thread Title!  Was it that hard to put an appropriate title to this topic? Grammatically, your new title is still not right. Why not hit this topic straight to the heart by saying Resetting The Board Will Cost You A Life and Probably More? Wouldn't that sound better?  

    By the way, if this change is permanent, stop giving the Community Members false hope! It is not making the situation any better.

    Let's be honest, the Free Board Reset was not and has never been an unintended issue as you claimed. It was placed on the board for years for a purpose of getting the players hooked on it. It wasn't an oversight! An oversight in plain sight for 7 long years is questionable. Don't you agree? This is a business strategy! Everything done in Candy Crush Saga are interrelated from Free Board Reset to level moves reduction, making levels harder - - to asking members for individual feedback on what they like and enjoy in the game - - to the 2 recent Video Contests with winners randomly selected to win prizes. These were all used to collect data on how addicted the players are. From what it seems, although the timing was unfavorable, since you have sufficient reason to pull the plug, being a Holiday Season is not a cause of concern on your part.

    Please tell King Games and the Team that the only way you can make this right is by putting this Free Board Reset built-in feature back in the game to save face. It is not too late to do the right thing. If the Grinch can change, why not King? I am sure these players/members will be forgiving. Besides, this is the Holiday Season! Please don't dampen anyone's Christmas spirit! You don't want to end this Holiday and Year on a bad note. I am sure you don't want to start the year with players not trusting you. Please don't show them that money is all you care about!

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  • Kazza-3Kazza-3 Posts: 146 Level 3
    edited December 2019
    The inconsistencies about what features are available in the game have always annoyed me - on my iPhone I’ve never had the opportunity to watch videos to start a level with boosters or win moves to keep playing.
    I’ve never had the episode race, never had Didi/Rami. And my bot often goes missing for days at a time. So I have zero opportunity to win gold bars, and 90% of sugar drop boosters are usually useless timed ones.
    Being able to reset an unfavourable board at least gave me a fighting chance.
    Not everyone can afford to spend large amounts of $$ on the game, which is the entire purpose of this “fix”, whatever explanation King tries to insult us with.
    It’s just not worth playing anymore.

  • Benni_JonesBenni_Jones Posts: 32 Level 2
    Last March I got really frustrated by a level and spent about the cost of a medium pizza delivered. I buy piggy banks every few months. So I'm what King wants - a paying customer. Why in the world would they p&^% me off? First no Sugar Drops, then no Space Dash, then no Olivia, ok, good, probably made me a better player by forcing me to wean off lolihammers. But why kill the goose that's laying you the golden egg? Why job us like this? 

    We don't want a way to see the levels. We can do that on any of a number of support sites. We want a way to see where our boosters will end up if we use them. I'm a veteran player, 3600+. I'd rather go to the beach than play, but it's nice on cold days. But there's other games. 
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 11,262 Candy Moderator
    Hello @probabilitycloud - I'm not sure why 20 gold bars should have gone missing from your account. 

    As far as the Insight giver badge is concerned - I know it appears you don't care for the badge - I just wanted to let you know that one of the other players thought a comment of yours was 'insightful' - so you have been awarded the badge.

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  • edmo1640edmo1640 Posts: 62 Level 3
    People just delete the game and move on with your life. 
  • xofxofxofxof Posts: 13 Level 2
    Pounawea said:
    Last but not least, an open question: Can you think of a different way for us to preview levels in the game?
    it is not fair to summarise this whole thread to this question. 

    People did NOT ask for a possibility to preview a level. Not at all! You could always do this by entering a level and invest a life. We do not need to preview a level. 

    What we want is to to reset the board! In a way that our boosters If we decide to use them from the start are better arranged so we risk playing it. Such as it was before. Resetting without losing a life or a booster. 

    I would even ask you to make it easier for us by introducing a reset button in the game. Because having to exit and entering was always a time consuming task that nevertheless anybody was willing to do. Trust me, since you disabled this I honestly lost the interest in playing. So many people are saying this, hear our voice.

    We want board reset. Not a preview. 
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