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    SagaR said:

    More like LMAO at the fools who spent actual money on a free game.  I have no idea how anyone could possibly derive any sort of satisfaction or pleasure from spending money on a completely free-to-play game. [...] I’m genuinely curious here...for those of you who are gullible enough to spend actual money on this free game, what exactly do you get out of it?
    I will try to reply from my side (although I don't much care for your loaded question; I definitely do not consider myself a "fool" or "gullible").

    I have been playing Candy Crush Saga since September 2017 and yes, I buy gold bars with real money (and then use them to buy boosters). I do this because I like passing levels, and even more than that, I like passing levels on the first try.

    I have a limited amount of time, but (and I do know I am privileged) have a very nice amount of money at my disposal to spend on frivolous things and on entertainment. To me, paying to play Candy Crush Saga in the manner I like is no different than paying to see a movie, paying for the books I read, paying for cable tv, and many other ways that I pay for entertainment.

    I remember when I first got into Candy Crush Saga. The first levels were fairly ok, but quite early on, somewhere in the 70 mark, I hit a level that I just could not pass. I tried probably 20 times. Then suddenly I had an epiphany. If I paid for extra moves and for a few candy hammers, I could pass the level. So I did. I could not believe how easy it was. I was able to solve the problem simply by throwing money at it. To me (again, I do realize this is not a common situation) a problem that needs only money to sort out, is not really a problem.

    So, then there was no looking back. I progressed at a rapid pace (at one point I completed a thousand levels in less than four weeks).

    I have now for a long time been in a situation where I wait for new levels every week. I still like to clear them rapidly and on the first try, so I have continued to buy gold bars (and consequently, boosters) when I have needed them. I don’t need to buy as many boosters as I did before, of course, as I only have less than 200 levels a month to play, but even now I pay a few hundred dollars each month for gold bars.

    Or more to the point, I have done until now. I am one of the people who has decided that this latest stunt is the last straw. I will go to level 6000 (a nice round number) and then I will stop. Unless, of course, the decision about the board reset is reversed, but that does not seem likely.

    To me, this decision to stop the possibility to reset the board is such an ultimate example of greed and stupidity, that I can not and will not support it.

    Levels 5971 - 5915 were the first ones I played where the board reset was no longer possible. I still completed all of them on the first try. It took more boosters than it would have done if I was able to reset the board, but the difference is not massive. Certainly I could still afford to continue to play if I wanted to.

    The thing is that for me, the enjoyment has gone completely out of the game. I am in fact a bit surprised to notice how important the board reset option is to me psychologically, but it seems it is indeed crucial.

    Being able to reset the board without losing a life gave me the illusion that I was somehow actively affecting the game. That something I was able to do, had a positive influence on the outcome. When I got a bad board, I reset it, sometimes five-six times, until I got a good one. And then I had a nice small thrill, like I had achieved something. Yes, I know it is an illusion, but it was a good one. Then I completed the level and felt good.

    Now, I open the board and whatever I get, is the one I play. Often the boosters are quite close to each other, so I use a few hand switches to move them to the desired place. But it's not the same as actively doing something to affect the outcome. I don't get any positive feeling from it, and in fact I don't really even get a positive feeling from completing the level in go. Rather, I feel like I have been exploited and taken advantage of.

    No good feeling any more = no reason to continue playing.
    Thank you for taking time to reply to my query in such a thorough and well-spoken manner, I appreciate it!

    I as well could easily spend a portion of my disposable income on this game but would get no satisfaction from “beating” levels due simply to wasting money buying virtual items.  Money which is infinitely better spent and/or invested in the real world. It’s not like you can sell accumulated boosters or your game progress...

    If I can be at the top level waiting for the next release without spending money then so can everyone else.  Well, until this “fix” took effect of course. I’m not going to delete the app since that will erase my booster stash but instead will log in daily, see if the game has reverted to its previously playable state, and if not I’ll simply close it out and ignore it.

    As for your insistence on beating levels on your first try, that’s pointless as the game offers no incentive to do so.  There are no rewards offered(at least on my version) so as such it doesn’t matter.  

    Think of what you could have done with those few hundred dollars a month that you wasted over the past few years on virtual satisfaction instead of spending it foolishly on a game whose rules can change at any given moment at the whim of the people in charge.  
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    Thank you for a thoughtful explanation of a behavior i’ve never understood, at least beyond the insufficient “addict” label that could be slapped on most of us. I’ve never paid, and my only other way to protest “the fix” - actually “fixes” b/c the daily free booster is also gone - is to forgo the booster & lives by never watching the video ads, another revenue center for King. Viva the wheel-heeled and the pauper players.

    Any chance you’re a Trump supporter? In the same “I’d really like to know” approach, perhaps you could help me understand his base. I can try to the reverse.

    If that’s possible, we should find a different platform to chat. I fear if we mixed US politics with CC money-making machinations, heads would explode,
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    Any chance you’re a Trump supporter? In the same “I’d really like to know” approach, perhaps you could help me understand his base. I can try to the reverse.
    😀😅 I can’t even begin to explain how howlingly funny that is. Yes I indeed used “dollars” in my post, but in fact I pay for my purchases in euros. So there’s the first clue. Every single thing in my life, personal circumstances and character is as far from a Trump supporter as it is possible to get. But thanks for making my day. 😁
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    Well done you are about to destroy the game in hours !!! 
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    I don't buy that it's not possible to bring this feature back quickly. The app already supports the capability to have it both ways and will already be part of the codebase. King just toggled it off by changing a configuration parameter. Simple to switch it back on. Only explanation - they just don't care what their users think.
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    I've enjoyed playing this game for many years and I'm at level 5902.  I go back and try to beat my friend's scores and I go back to collect sugar stars.  I have fun mixing up my game play. Now I'm stuck on one level for days until I finally get lucky. I get the sweet 1 hour color bomb from feeding Didi, but my 5 lives are spent in 15 minutes trying to pass a level and also lose 45 minutes of my prize.
    This "fix" has ruined the game for me.  It makes me sick that with all the popularity and millions of players around the globe, that's just not enough for KING 😠
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    Hello fellow Candy Crushers. 

    At the end of this year I will have been playing this game for 4 years. After completing 3000 thousand levels in the first two I set myself a target of 1000 levels a year, last year I achieved this and was so close this year until "the change".
    Now I know King is a business, and a wealthy one at that, but I think they have made a huge error to stop the setting of quitting a level before you move, because the board doesn't look right. I can only guess the reason is because it gives the player control of when to use bonuses, or not, without losing them. Now the benefit to the player is clear, and it helps progression. Are King too worried they will have to keep developing new levels too quickly? Or are they seeking more revenue, from players buying bonuses to replace those wasted by having to play a poorly laid out opening board?

    I'm currently 4950 - 50 short of my 2019 target - with 20 days to go.

    If I don't make it - I quit. 

    The only reason I'm unlikely to is due to the above. 

    I am sure (from other commenters) I am not the only one who will be moving to a new game in the new year.

    By the way, I joined this community today, just so I can make this post, now as a 4 year veteran that's something I really think the members of King need to look closely at. 

    Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, have a happy 2020, and I'll see some of you playing something new - probably Roblox. 
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    So many angry comments and it's nearly 40 pages! 

    Relax... and play Candy Crush🍒🍭🍫🍬

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    mercerik said:
    xoxolo said:
    You did not address or answer one of my questions and I don’t see how you think any of that is relevant to what I said.   I don’t care about the behind the scenes stuff.  I don’t work for king.   Unless I am looking at the wrong post  Give me one good reason, other than trying to cheat players out of boosters, for this change.  

    You were right, not any of the things in this Board Reset Thread Unintended Issue & Fix is relevant to what you are complaining about. I thought you knew what this Thread was all about. I thought you were here to voice out your feelings about this Thread. I didn't say you work for King and neither do I.

    If you want your issue to be resolved, you will have to create a Separate Support Thread for it so the Superstars here can try to resolve it for you. 


    Ok, then why did you tag me and direct me to that post for no reason.  You are the one on here talking about insider nonsense like anybody cares, so why don't you stop acting like you work for them and are here to take charge of the situation.   I'm not interested in creating a separate thread, simply pointing out all of the "fixes" that they should be concerned with instead of messing up the game and calling it a fix which is EXACTLY what this thread is about.  Cant imagine why you are so invested in getting to the bottom of what my intentions on posting are when its pretty obvious.  

    So who are you then?   Do you have a little job on here where you try to police the board or do you just have that much time on your hands?
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    I've been playing this game 4 years ago, big fan, spending some money too, I don't want to delete the app but if the king doesn't fix this issue soon you are loosing a very loyal customer,  I understand about profits, business, etc.  Bit, what about loyalty players? Privileges for patrons playing the game regularly? Spending money every week? People on levels like 5000 or more? Take care of customers King and you'll see improvement in your revenue 
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    Guys! Don't forget to rate accordingly in the app/play store and also "like" the rates of the people who have the same opinion as you. 😉 
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    this relates to a cage fight how?  😂 
    I was tagged in for no reason, so who is looking for attention here?  
    Edited to add, it's pretty hilarious that you are on here talking about people looking for attention with your wall of bold texts and caps ctfu.  On top of inserting yourself into an exchange that did not even concern you.  So over the top in every possible way, perhaps you should take some of your own advice next time.

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    lulz said:
    Guys! Don't forget to rate accordingly in the app/play store and also "like" the rates of the people who have the same opinion as you. 😉 
    Good idea. Done!
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