This may already be in here somewhere but I can't find it if so... I am becoming increasingly frustrated with losing boosters if I have to reinstall (which I've had to do twice in the last few months through connection issues). I understand that boosters are saved on the device rather than the account, but given that other benefits such as gold bars and magic beans (in Farm Heroes) remain on whichever device you play, it seems ludicrous that boosters don't. Especially if people have won them, or even purchased them.

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    I agree! I have lost booster and gold bars on several occasions and there does not seem to be any issue with my device. This seems to be unique to Candy Crush Saga. I have not found a way to get them back.

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    Unfortunately, the boosters are lost on some devices, that's right. When buying you can have them replaced !!!


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    Thanks for tagging me @Spinnifix. Welcome to all new community members. When you play any of the King games on a mobile device the lives and boosters are just stored to that device so that you can play the game offline. Any crash, operating system updates, game app updates or uninstalling the game can cause you to lose them. Only the gold bars will remain since that it is saved on their server. It is suggested that you use the rewards as you receive them. Closing this idea for now.

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