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New Feature: Soda Squad



  • KathyrnnKathyrnn Posts: 41 Level 2
    well, people were -maybe- not collecting the rewards with the quests, but they are not getting any with MTF or the squad... So, no problem now, there is nothing to collect.
    My previous post was trunked. I said everyone should vote on Google store or the App store to say what they think of the squad or MTF. If some like it, vote for it, if, as I think, 99% dislike it, say it.
    The 2 features are useless, no one uses them. Speak of underperforming!

    Thanks, I took your advice and went and wrote a review at the app store.  

  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    One week in and my new Soda Squad has 3 players who have been contributing.  We’ve passed the goal for the second prize level, but I doubt we will make the third.  So much for being teamed with more active players...two haven’t even collected a point for logging on to the game.
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,463 Community Manager
    I, almost on my own, completed the Soda Squad and was put on a team w/my same exact teammates as before. I earned over 600 points, no one else even broke 100 points, and one earned zero. But I'm stuck with them again.  But @Xarly I thought you said if we were active players that we would be  put on a new team with other active players??? Argh...so frustrating. 
    Hey @Kathy_Shattuck ,

    I'm sorry this happened to you. This is a mistake on our side, based on the fact that this is the first version of the event. The reason why this happened is because, if the team finished the event before the deadline, we considered that meant it was an active team, and therefore we rewarded that team with the ability of staying together. We did not realise that this could also mean scenarios like yours, where only some players have been carrying their teams to the final milestone and completing the event.

    I will take this back to the studio to make sure that this is addressed for future iterations.

    monnikhof said:

    New here in the discussion but playing soda a long time. Now at level 1300. Been reading these discussions and let me try and give some extra input on a more positive note.
    - In order to progress in the game at any acceptable rate special candies are needed.
    - The new events prevent (unwillingly or by design) players from getting special candies.
    - King is not prepared to listen to players and will not return or introduce better way of getting special candies.

    So the question becomes: is there a way of progressing in the game under the current conditions?

    The way I progress is as follows:
    - I keep a strategic reserve of about 20 gold bars (=extra turns) and about 10 hammers. I do not play when I have less.
    - I check the game every 2 days tot see if there is the event bubblegum hill. If so I play.
    - Bubblegum hill is the only event left that gives reasonable a reward for my effort. It is doable when I use my strategic reserve.
    - Completing bubblegum hill rewards 6 hammers and gold bars depending on time.
    - I check to see if I can do bubble gum hill again. If this takes long I get more gold bars. If it takes only a few minutes I try to complet it again (and earn again 6 hammers).
    - At the end of the bubblegum hill event (lasts a day or so?) I usually have obtained about 10-20 goldbars and 20-30 hammers.
    I then use the excess over my strategic reserve to progress in the normal game. Usually using this much gold/hammers means I can kickstart a few levels in a row and get the benefits from the rainbow path. 

    Using the technique above I can still progress through the game at a pace of several dozen levels every other week. I has been made more difficult by King, and less amusing sure, but it is still not impossible. First get your special candies through bubblegum hill, then progress levels, and do not get tempted to use all candy/gold.  
    Welcome to the Community, @monnikhof!

    Your feedback is really useful to us and you are always welcome to share how the game feels for you here. If you want to mention something that is not regarding the topic of that certain discussion, feel free to always create a new one, if needed.

    Xarly said:
    Overall, we are very happy with the direction of this feature and with all of your feedback (as some of your points tie up with some of our own thoughts). The Soda Squad is looking very well so far both in terms of our data and in terms of your feedback. All it needs is adjustments here and there (especially around rewards and milestones for what I'm reading) and some optimisations that are on the way. As I mentioned, this is an ongoing project and the version of the Squad that you play is only the first.


    I strongly disagree.. A lot.. A VERY LOT of people are NOT happy with it. I can read!
    So you are happy we are not happy.. that is what I conclude out of if.
    The playing in a team is a bummer.. you depend on other people.. so many say it is unfair and other people in the team are not playing. You just leave us with an ungoing project.. feature.. that nobody is happy about but yourselfs and keep ungoing on forcing it upon us. What is it that King wants.. drives us all away? Innovate for the innovation of innovating bullsh*t? Keep yourselfs buzzy? The arrogance...............sigh.. sigh.. and a zilliontimes sigh..
    Hey @JetKuil-Snaterse,

    Thanks for your honesty and for not cursing out loud. I appreciate both. I understand that your feeling for the feature is not positive, but in general, the perception of it is that it needs the option of opting out, and better rewards. I think those two points are definitely something we can work with. We have seen, in general (surveys, Community, Social Media, player events, etc) that the feature's core mechanics are positively perceived. Here you have access to a fraction of all the feedback we collect (and even here, you can find some players addressing a feedback that is similar to the two adaptations that I added above).

    As mentioned multiple times, this is the first iteration of this event. Your feedback and the feature's performance will be key for future optimizations and improvements.


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  • Kathy_ShattuckKathy_Shattuck Posts: 45 Level 2
    Thanks for the response @Xarly. I appreciate  that you actually  read these comments. I'm doing all the heavy lifting again with this same team.
  • YoscaYosca Posts: 2,120 Game Expert
    @Kathy_Shattuckmy situation is comparable. My team is now the same for the 3rd time. 2 players very active, 2 slightly less and 1 still never active! My team has finished 2 times within the deadline. Hopefully @Xarly in the future the studio will look better at the activity of the players and not at a team. And that is also included when someone is at the highest levels. As I posted earlier, I can only score higher if the new levels are there.

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  • disappointedbykingdisappointedbyking Posts: 143 Level 3
    the squad is much worse than MTF... and no matter what, when you are in the 3000. it is impossible to get 12 points a day, unless you go to the first levels to replay them.
  • disappointedbykingdisappointedbyking Posts: 143 Level 3
    @monikhof, quoted by Xarly, I tried BGH this weekend, to check what you said. I noticed it is impossible to win it several times. As soon as you were lucky once, the game gives you the toughest algorithms and you will fail. Of course, if you use boosters like candies (lol), you may succeed. But what is the use if you trade your boosters to get the same thing? I don't enjoy BGH after a few times, and to play it again and again is a pain for me...
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 410 Level 4
    edited June 2019
    I've been lucky so far with my current squad team. My first team only made it to the low 500s with me and 1 other being the main players. 1 never showed up. This time everyone is playing and we are already at that score with everyone playing and still 1 week to go. The rewards are still cheap at 30 minutes of boosters but at least I'm not the only one doing the work! 
  • Beth-Grant_Beth-Grant_ Posts: 8 New Bee
    To my past team players, I thank-you for giving it a gallant try... 679 points before time was up. Not bad for three team players. To my new team players, I wish to apologize for not helping you because I give up.
    Today was the last straw. I used up the last reserves of my boosters to help earn points on the weekend hoping to finally earn something. Again the new feature is a complete failure.Today I opened the game and to my amazement for the very first time, someone else finish a line on Mr Toffee Fair. The only problem with that is now I have 2 1/2 hours of bombs and no lives. What a waste! 
    Xarly could you Please tell King that some of us have lives and are not always able to play every day. I started playing because I could go at my own pace, when I had the time. I could pursue booster when I was ready to use them. They have taken a perfect good game and distroyed it.
  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,463 Community Manager
    I've been lucky so far with my current squad team. My first team only made it to the low 500s with me and 1 other being the main players. 1 never showed up. This time everyone is playing and we are already at that score with everyone playing and still 1 week to go. The rewards are still cheap at 30 minutes of boosters but at least I'm not the only one doing the work! 
    Hey @Yosca and @Kathy_Shattuck ,

    The above scenario from @LauraLMason was the desired scenario when the feature was designed. Your scenarios were not thought of as an option, but now they are sitting on the team and they are looking into these.

    I am working on actually having some of them join me in a thread here so that they can discuss the feature directly with you and provide insights on a way that I sometimes can't. It's difficult because they are busy but we are starting conversations for these and I hope I can introduce you all to them soon that you can provide feedback to them and read what their thoughts are as well.

    I will pass your feedback on to the studio, @Beth-Grant_ , as per usual. I'm sorry this has been your experience so far but I hope we can keep improving to make a game that is of your taste or, in case we don't manage to succeed, that you find one that provides you with the entertainment you are searching for.

    Thank you all for your feedback, looking forward to more.


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  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    edited June 2019
    I took some screen shots of progress with my last squad and have continued with the group I’m currently playing with.  I realize we have four days to go, but what I’m going to share has been pretty consistent.  I’ve been looking at the percents that each player has contributed to the total points.  

    Previous squad:
    Player 1 - 54%
    Player 2 - 23%
    Player 3 - 17%
    Player 4 - 6%
    Player 5 - 0% (this person actually had a few points, but it was less than two tenths of one percent, hence the zero.

    Current squad:
    Player 1 - 49%
    Player 2 - 33%
    Player 3 - 17%
    Player 4 - 1%
    Player 5 - 0% (this person actually has 0 points)

    We didn’t make the 800 points last time, so completely different group of people, yet the percentages being contributed by each player are eerily similar.  Apparently we are being grouped with players who are equally productive—just not in the manner I was thinking it would be.  As we are currently just over 500 total points, I doubt we will make it this time either.  

    FYI—I am Player 1 in both groups.
  • disappointedbykingdisappointedbyking Posts: 143 Level 3
    could we pick up our squad members? I would take candysodacrusher, and as I make 60% of my team's work, we don't need anyone else. So far, I have 480 points for 120 for the others!
  • susanquinlansusanquinlan Posts: 1 New Bee
    I don't want to be part of a "squad"!  Why am I forced to play with people I don't know?  It does nothing to make my playing enjoyable. At the very least give me a choice to opt out.
  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    I don't want to be part of a "squad"!  Why am I forced to play with people I don't know?  It does nothing to make my playing enjoyable. At the very least give me a choice to opt out.
    My sentiments exactly.  This is a single-player game, why is a “team” being forced upon us?  Anyone with half a brain can see that they’re not even real “teammates”, they’re just computer-generated bots.

    I got to the second tier reward today and was pleased to see that I got a hammer and a switch, not useless timed boosters.  I was shocked that they actually changed things to give us storeable boosters!

    That being said, why can’t this feature be changed so as to be a solo thing like the quests.  Nobody wants a fake “team” when playing these games!  King has cranked out “team” features in two other games of theirs that I play as well and I looked at feedback for them and it’s almost unanimously all negative on each game.  

    @Xarly, do you know where the studio is getting the idea that people want to be on fake “teams” with bots? Across all of the various King games I play this feature is clearly not welcomed yet the studio keeps forcing it upon players.  It doesn’t make any sense at all whatsoever.
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