Farm Heroes Saga game looks different on Facebook? NEW HTML5 version!



  • Pat77Pat77 Posts: 1
    I hate the new look as well. You can't get in to play the game.  Well I thought I was spending too much time playing, I guess this will end that.
  • Why has the game been changed. Can no longer play. Bring back the original game please.

  • EggcrackerEggcracker Posts: 62 ✭✭✭
    I've had another try this morning, and there are a few more glitches I hadn't already noticed, along with the irritating chick.

    You can't get Rancid's key to get past a roadblock, I only have one friend on this game so it's either pay or wait.

    The 'special offer' boxes/ads just don't want to close, so if I wanted to maybe go back and play an old game I can't.

    I liked the game because it was slow, not flashy and demanding, now I get totally distracted by all the flashing graphics.

    On the old version, if I was quick, I could buy 6 shovels, not any more. And the issue with using the shovels, tick, is so annoying.

    @Chicken_Slayer you are so correct about the mobile version, I sometimes played it on my Kindle, usually on the bus, but knew there was no way I could play that version on my PC.

    I know King are trying their best to get around the Flash problem for us, but this version is going to cause a lot of people to abandon it, which is a shame.
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,990 Community Moderator

    We understand you've been a long time Facebook player and just noticed the changes. This is because Flash is on it's way out and Chrome has just released a new version where we manually have to enable Flash. 

    At King we want to provide the best gaming experience so we need to follow the changes and make sure you can keep playing our games without going to too much trouble so HTML5 is the answer.

    Almost all of King games have been running on HTML5 now but Farm was a little behind so we're currently testing how this works so we can make improvements.

    Changes are inevitable so give it some time and you'll get used to this new feature in no time 😉

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
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  • DeniseODeniseO Posts: 2
    I hate the new layout and format. Too small to read. Too bouncy. Too much animation. Takes too long to load. I will definitely be cutting back on my playing time, if I have to deal with this layout.
  • rrobb555454rrobb555454 Posts: 1
    New layout sucks in every possible way. AWFUL. level 1350 to quit with 1 horrendous update. 
  • BetsyCBetsyC Posts: 10
    My latest issue is that the first time I log in, nothing happens when I click on the level number to begin play.  I have to log in a second time - for some strange reason - to get into the game.  Very time-consuming and frustrating.  I'm using Firefox - and only because this is the only browser that doesn't have me going through other time-consuming introductory steps before playing.  This just starting happening within the past few weeks.
  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,990 Community Moderator
    edited September 10
    Hi guys!

    Thanks for your honest feedback :) 

    We have a thread here which we are currently collecting feedback on so I'll be moving your feedback here.  

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
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  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 2,990 Community Moderator
    HI @Omega1, do you mind telling me which browser you're playing on? 

    Farm Heroes Saga - The studio is hunting for feedback, share yours here
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  • BrendasBrendas Posts: 0
    This new layout is crap it looks like the graphics have gone back 10 years, its bloody awful
  • Im playing this game on Facebook. Normally I have to allow flash but never been a problem. Now I dont get that choice. The game shows - not extremely large and blurred but cannot click on to play

  • lenakinglenaking Posts: 1
    i have to agree with Brentas,, graphics are too flashy, messy and disturbs game it's self, takes away some time to simple actions such as using bits of help, going to place to another, in general too crowdy, too busy...  
  • frustrating to say the least
  • Jo_OJo_O Posts: 1
    Game now takes forever to load. I never had a problem before. The game is sluggish when it's not freezing and the graphics are blurry. I'm level 2123 and considering uninstalling this one. It's not fun to play like this at all.
  • Michele_P.Michele_P. Posts: 8
    In the last couple of days the look has changed and it gives a little intro. After that, I cannot get into any of the levels. I can click on it all day long, nothing happens. It still works on my phone.
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