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Crazy Cat Lad
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The two absolute most common questions here in Community are:

I have lost my progress or all played levels? 

If you suddenly are back to level 1 or the game has been lost, check HERE how to get it restored.

Something went wrong or I didn't get my purchase? 

Check this Community page HERE to get help on a refund or get a purchase corrected.

Game User ID!

A useful tip is also to know your Game ID! Check how HERE.

All blocks in order currently...

Do you get an error message when playing on Facebook? Find more info and help HERE.

Black screen when playing on Facebook? Check helpful info HERE.

Find most common issues and FAQ:s in Help Center HERE.

Blocked on a tricky level? Find tutorial videos by @Lynette HERE.

Tips, Tricks & Tutorials on game features and blockers by @Lynette HERE.

The game not working on mobile

Game freezing or crashing

Game not connecting to Facebook

Game has connected to the wrong Facebook account?

Why can’t I play Pet Rescue Saga on iOS 9 and Android 4 anymore?

The game not working on PC

Game freezing, crashing or not loading 

Game returned to old Flash Player version?

Have you lost something?

Have you lost any purchased items?

Have you lost your progress/ played levels?

Your event or challenge is missing?

Lost your stored Boosters?

Lost all Lives in the mailbox?

Are you stuck? 

No more levels? Find the current last level available in the game HERE.

Is your level too hard? 

Has your level changed or doesn't look the same anymore?

Need more help? 

Then post your question HERE and other rescuers around the world will help you out.

Check also our Help Center here for help on other issues and game questions. Help Center is also available in 22 different languages!

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