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Translate English ---> Native Language ---> English ❓🤔

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Hello everyone,

As we all know, English is the vernacular language in this Community. Being a global platform, our members come from different countries, background and ethnicity. Some of us rely on translation tool to help them interact and engage in discussions with other members.

So, let's have a bit of fun with language translation. Here is what you need to do.

Copy the following sentence,

"Hello, Crushers, Farmers and so many other king-tastic players!

How are you? Do you like Dachs Deliveries? Or maybe you prefer the Treasure Goblin? What about Petopia, that pawsome event?" and translate it to your native language ⬇.

Then copy the native language and translate it back to English

I have chosen Chinese (Simplified) as my native language even though my spoken language is English. Here is the end-result of the translated text!

Hello Crushers, Farmers and many other ace players!

Are you OK? Do you like Dax delivery? Or maybe you prefer treasure goblins? Petopia, what about that creepy event?


You can post as many time as you wish but please post it in different native language. Let's start!

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