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Hi there and welcome to the Community 🤗💐

We are so happy you made it here! Since we all share the same passion for the Bubble Witches and their furry friends, we would like to use this space to introduce ourselves and get to know each other a bit better 😉

Now, we know that it can be a bit intimating so let me start: 

I am QueenB and I'm in charge of the Bubble Witch Saga and Farm Heroes Saga Community! I’m from Norway and I live in sunny Barcelona 🌞🏖️ I looove traveling, the Philippines is one of my favorite spots in the world. Oh, and I am a huge fan of free food  🤤 I'm friendly, approachable and have lots of energy 😝

Sometimes I might sting, but that's my thing 👌🐝

I'm here to make sure everyone enjoys the ride. You'll see me around sharing news, taking part in conversations, and throwing some Bubblicious gifts from time to time. 

You might also see @Crazy Cat Lad  or @Lola_Pop around. Those guys are with me and will jump in whenever it's needed. 

We also have great Super Stars kindly helping out - There is Chicken SlayerElsa, and Game Experts - @KimElston, @Paul5473

You'll recognize them by the 3 stars on their profile. They're the sweetest, please be nice to them and they'll go the extra mile to help you out  :3 

Everyone is more than welcome here, so don't be shy and spread the love. Let's make this place the most magical Community for every Bubble Witch lover!

Now let's crush pop those bubbles together and catch Wilbur  💓

If you're interested in joining our sweet Super Stars Team, check this out!


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