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🎟️ Bubble Witch 3 Magic Millionaire club!

johamilton Posts: 25,239 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited June 2022 in Contests

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Join the Bubble Witch 3 Magic Millionaire Club!

How to join?

We need to see a score that is 1,000,000 (1 Million) or over. Play any Level and post your screenshot.

**Please do not post a score under 1 million, as those are not valid for this contest.


What is your prize ❓️

 @johamilton and @PrettyBubbles are giving everyone this exclusive 1M Badge for your Million point score ‼️ 💪

Terms & Conditions are here.

Let's go Bubblers! We can't wait to see those Million point scores 👻



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