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  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 14,160 Level 5

    @PrettyBubbles . Thank you for the fun competition and tag. My guess is

    1 little orange bubble is facing different direction

    2bubble with arrow missing

    3skeleton on hat missing eyes

    4 shadow in the sea is different. Unless it's just because ball is missing. But I'm going with the shadow being different

    5the white center is now yellow in the green bubble

    6 blue bubble is facing a different direction

    7green and purple bubble are facing a different direction

    8 purple and orange bubble missing white dot

  • Peanut7139
    Peanut7139 Posts: 1,558 Level 4

    green eyes

    fire ball

    white spot on paw

    blue ball

    green purple ball

    arrow ball

    bubble missing

    ball turns

  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 28,673 Crushing Legend

    .Skull’s eyes on Wilbur’s hat

    The fire bubble on the left is different

    The purple/green bubble on the right is different

    The blue bubble above Wilbur is different

    Direction bubble is missing in the right

    Whit spot missing on bubble to the left of Wilbur’s hat



  • Moh1977
    Moh1977 Posts: 7,558 Level 5

    My answer is

    1- The skull eyes on Wilbur's hat are missing.

     2- Hating fire on the left is different.

     3- A hate with a missing arrow inside it.

     4- The blue ball on top of a different Wilbur.

     5- A missing white spot on the ball to the left of Wilbur's hat.

     6- The green and purple ball are different.

     7- The green ball loses the white center.

     8- A different shade in the water.

  • Kezabelle3
    Kezabelle3 Posts: 2,364 Level 4

    Hi 👋

    the 8 differences are...

    1 - bubble with arrow missing

    2 - Skull on hat has eyes

    3 - direction of fireball is different

    4 - direction of top blue ball is different

    5 - green and purple ball is in different place

    6 - green and purple ball different direction

    7 - purple and orange ball missing a shine dot

    8 - the green balls white centre

  • malikaleena
    malikaleena Posts: 502 Level 3

     skull eyes on Wilbur's hat

    fireball booster wrong direction

    blue bubble top center

    bubble missing above large bubble

    purple / green bubble reversed

    spot on lava bubble

  • Lemurtek
    Lemurtek Posts: 2,078 Level 4

    Thanks @PrettyBubbles! Another challenging eye test! 🤓

    My Answers⬇️

    01 Arrow Bubble on Wilbur's left

    02 Duo Bubble rotated

    03. Skull on Wilbur's hat has eyeballs

    04. Magic Beam bubble different

    05. Stereo Bolt Rotated

    06. Magma Bubble has a Highlight

    07. Fairy Bubble Highlights

    08. Sparling Blast Center Glow

  • BQN537
    BQN537 Posts: 24,513 Pro Player 👑

    Hi @PrettyBubbles

    My answer is

    1 Skulls eyes on Wilburs hat

    2 missing ball with arrow in it

    3 Ball on Wilburs left , Fire going left instead of up

    4 Ball on the left of the hat missing a dot

    5 Blue Ball on top, the inside is reversed

    6 Green and purple ball is reversed

    7 Green ball on right is missing the white centre

    8 Shadow in the water

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,015 Level 5

    my answers

    1.The eyes of the skull in Wilbur's hat

    2.The fire bubble on the left is different.

    3.The purple / green bubble on the right is different

    4.The blue bubble over Wilbur is different

    5.Direction bubble on the right is missing

    6.A spot is missing from the bubble to the left of Wilbur's hat

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