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🔮ENDED BW3 Summer fun community contest ENDED🔮



  • carmenechevarria
    carmenechevarria Posts: 2,083 Pro Player 👑

    8 differences

    1. Brightness on blue booster

    2. Skull eyes green

    3. Right arrow booster

    4. Purple/green booster

    5. Lighting on middle booster turn up

    6. Shadow in pool is different

    7. Shine on purple/orange booster gone

    8. Green booster has different color middle

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 19,323 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi guys you all look like you are having fun with this community wide contest

    Well done so far and thank you for joining

    We have a way to go yet so plenty more time for others to join in the fun

    Good luck everyone 💓⭐

  • poorbabi2
    poorbabi2 Posts: 22 Level 2

    I marked the items that are different.

    1, Left arrow Bubble Missing

    2, 2 color bubble reversed

    3, Green bubble center is different color

    4, Blue sparkle bubble reversed

    5, skull has eyes

    6, lava bubble missing white dot

    7, Fire bubble pointing up

    8, water wave under mixed bubble is shorter and thicker

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,439 Level 5

    Hi @PrettyBubbles

    Here’s the differences I found in the second picture. ⬇️⬇️

    1 - The sparkle is different on blue Bubble above Wilbur

    2 - Skull is missing the green eyes

    3 - The flame is different in orange bubble on the left side

    4 - Orange arrow bubble is missing on the right side

    5 - No white spot on orange and purple bubble on the left side

    6 - Spot is different in the center of the green bubble on the right side

    7 - Green and purple bubble on the right side is different

    Thanks for tagging me too @PrettyBubbles 💕

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Shellbells11163
    Shellbells11163 Posts: 21 Level 2

    This gets really trickie as ya get older, lol. I found 8 differences and then I must admit, I looked at someone else's list to see if my list was the same. I'm not sure if they are the same as mine as different people interpret differences uniquely. So anyway, I am listing my answers. But please disqualify me for comparing with someone else's answer, even so I swear I made no changes to my answers.


    1) Blue bubble at top has different white design.

    2) Orange & purple bubble, 1 has white spot, 1 does not.

    3) 1 Skull has green eyes, one doesn't.

    4) Fire bubble has different white design.

    5) Green &purple yin yang bubble is reversed.

    6) Arrow bubble missing in one

    7) Shadow in water is different.

    8) One bubble at bottom left has darker orange color than the other.

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,516 Pro Player 👑

    @PrettyBubbles Wonderful to see the contest is going well in BW3, my answers are below my friend

    1) The eyes in the Skull are missing in Wilbur's hat, 2) The directional arrow is faced in wrong direction, 3) The colors in the green/purple are switched, 4) Blue bubble over top of Wilbur's head is different, 5) The Arrow bubble in not in one picture, 6) The white spot on the orange/purple bubble is missing in one picture, Hope this is correct my friend.

  • Cats4Caz
    Cats4Caz Posts: 970 Level 5

    My answers are

    1 - Skull on Wiburs hat has eyes

    2 - Orange purple ball left of Wilburs hat has white dot missing

    3 - Middle left yellow black ball has squiggle in different directions

    4 - Missing Ball with arrow by Wilburs eye

    5 - Green and purple ying yang ball colours reversed

    6 - Under green and purple ying yang ball shadow in water different

    7 - Top middle blue ball different

    8 - Green ball has different colour centre

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,062 Level 5

    1. Bubble above large purple bubble is missing

    2. Green and purple bubble's colours are swopped around

    3. The skull on Wilbur's witch hat has green eyes

    4. Small brown bubble on the left is pointing in a different direction

    5. Top blue bubble pointing in different direction

    6. Larva bubble missing a spot

    7. Green bubble above is missing the center spot

    8. Water behind the green and purple bubble is different.

  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑

    @PrettyBubbles thanks for this nice contest

    1. Wilbur has skulls eyes

    2. Fire ball going down

    2. Missing ball with arrow in it

    4. Ball on the left missing a dot

    5. Green and purple ball is reversed

    6. Green ball right missing white centre

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,572 Soda Moderator

    Here are my answers

    1.the skull's eyes on Wilbur's hat are green

    2.the blue bubble above Wilbur is different and purple bubble has a different direction

    4.lava bubble missing a white spot

    5.fireball looks different (wrong direction)

    6.arrow direction bubble is missing on the right

    7.the center of the green bubble has a different color

    8.shadow (dark place) in the water looks different

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