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  • Stella_1
    Stella_1 Posts: 238 Level 3

    Good morning maf34100.

    Stella_1 here.

    I support you 100% in this endeavor for the Medals Badge.

    Also another area to look at is the Piggy Bank.

    Just sent @johamilton a post yesterday on a new idea that outlines my take on this area and a response that addresses jo's concern. See my comments below:

    "Piggy Bank Badge:

    Since we all have to progress through the Piggy Banks how about Badges for every 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, and 1000. I am currently at Piggy Bank 969 so not that far away from 1000 so it is possible. Plus, it is a great recognition for those who stick with the BW3 game.

    johamilton Posts: 19,384 Bubble Witch Moderator

    July 7

    "Hi @Stella_1 rearding the Piggy Bank, that is something that people have to pay for, it is not something that they have to earn while playing. So really don't want to give badges with making them put money out on them. Hope that makes sense. 🤗"

    "Good morning johamilton.

    Thought about what you said yesterday. You are correct that people pay money for the Piggy Bank; however, that shows their dedication to the game. In my opinion, they should be rewarded for their dedication to the game whether they pay to play for higher levels or not.

    Plus, without those who pay to advance to the higher levels, there would not be sweeter deals from Sega for game improvements for everyone who plays. That also makes Sega keep the game around longer.

    Just a little bit of acknowledgement/reward makes the players stay playing for the long haul for enjoyment/strategy and not just mindless game play.Since you are a Moderator the decision is in your hands and I accept any decision you make, but I do feel that this type of badge would be of benefit to all those who grind away to reach higher BW3 Chapters/Levels."

    maf34100 would appreciate knowing your take on this topic too.

    Have a Steller Day!

  • maf34100
    maf34100 Posts: 52,343 Level 5

    Hi @Stella_1 nice to meet you through this thread.

    I understand you are a great collector based on your collection of  2,792,494 stardust, unless you have not completed the cat's house.

    Also you are a great player based on your collection of 20900 stars which means you are at the top levels of the game.

    I have completed level 7219 and have not miss any star and my collection has 21657 stars, 2708 gold bars and 1,280,968 star dust. I play from a HP laptop.

    As Jo mentioned to increase your Piggy Bank you must pay real money so I do not think that players will participate on a Piggy Bank contest for boosters. I will not participate for sure.

    I am available to discuss any BWS3 issue.

  • maf34100
    maf34100 Posts: 52,343 Level 5

    Hi @johamilton here is another idea for a contest.

    1. You play any level over 100
    2. your 3 first digits of your score match the 3 first digits of level number
    3. your 4 first digits of your score match the 4 first digits of level number

    the rewards are:

    • the 1st badge on making 3 matches of case 2
    • the 2nd badge on making 2 matches of case 2 and 2 matches of case 3 (4 new matches)
    • the 3rd badge on making 4 new matches of case 3

    To get all badges you need 5 matches of case 2 and 6 matches of case 3.

    No ending date or a long ending date e.g. 3 months

    To enter the contest for the 1st badge you must be over level 100 and for the other 2 badges you must be over level 1000.

    If you want to make things a bit easier the 2nd badge may require 4 new matches of case 2 so players over level 100 can get it.

  • maf34100
    maf34100 Posts: 52,343 Level 5

    Hi @johamilton I posted an idea for a new contest and I didn't receive any feedback from you.

    I hope everything is fine and simply you are very busy.

  • johamilton
    johamilton Posts: 23,972 Bubble Witch Moderator
    edited July 2023

    Sorry @maf34100 , I had a cracked tooth and I ended up with an infection and had to have oral surgery. I am back now 🤗

    For 3 digits, Level 104 has to have a score of 104,xxx

    For 4 digits Level 104 has to have a score of 104,4xx

    Over 100 I get it, but we do have some that is not up to 1000 yet, so it would have to be an open ended or I would maybe bring it down

    I will have to sort this out in writing examples for all the matches . Sorry I am on pain pills🤣🤣

  • keshavrf
    keshavrf Posts: 1,146 Level 4


     1.What is it that brings you back over and over to BWS3? - Stella Cats home, Amazing badges, bubble shooting

    2.What would you like to ask the studio to change, add or just new ideas for BWS3 - A "go to level option" like friends saga, reduce app hangs and compatible on Low RAM devices to play.

    3.What kind of contests do you like and suggestions for new ones - Contests without time limit! And rearrange the past contest that has been ended because of time.

    4.Suggestions on how to better a game score! (I know a few masters of the game) 🤩- using some boosters,

    5. What level are you on? Post a screenshot of your map. - 40

  • PrettyBubbles
    PrettyBubbles Posts: 23,113 Bubble Witch Moderator
  • keshavrf
    keshavrf Posts: 1,146 Level 4

    😏hey my friend😁 This suggesting feedback badge is So amazing 😁😬who will give me that you or johamilton😛

  • maf34100
    maf34100 Posts: 52,343 Level 5

    I wish you a speedy recovery, it sounds a lot of trouble for a tooth. So take your time.

    A few examples to make things more clear

    1. level 123 requires a score 123xx or 123xxx
    2. level 1234 requires a score 1234x or 1234xx
    3. scores can be 5 or 6 digits
    4. players under level 1000 can get 2 badges and if they go over level 1000 they can try for the 3rd badget
    5. if a player is on level 165 it will require a lot of time to go over level 1000 for the 3rd badge. Is it logical to make it an open end contest so that player will be able to try for the 3rd badge?
    6. I can see players over level 500 trying to reach level 1000 in a period of 3 months.
    7. Finally it is up to you to decide how many contest without endind time you want to have.
    8. Thanks to our new CM we getting a lot of contests for badges and GBs

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