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💡 Bubbler's Suggestion ~ Idea Box 💡

johamilton Posts: 21,824 Bubble Witch Moderator
edited September 29 in Ideas

Hello BWS3 Family 👩‍👩‍👦

We want to know your ideas and suggestions 💡💡

Really think of what you would like to see in BWS3 and what you like already.

  • 1. What is it that brings you back over and over to BWS3?
  • 2. What would you like to ask the studio to change, add or just new ideas for BWS3
  • 3. What kind of contests do you like and suggestions for new ones
  • 4. Suggestions on how to better a game score! (I know a few masters of the game) 🤩
  • 5. What level are you on? Posting a screenshot of your map, would be nice.

Let's get the conversation going and let You, the Member, tell us what you think.

It is very important to the MoDs, the CM's and the studio to make sure you are enjoying yourself. Now is your chance 😉

And feel free to add as many suggestions/Ideas that you have 😀

Please answer any or all 5 questions and you will receive this beautiful "Thank You" badge.

The "Thank You" badge will be granted at the end of each week for those that has answered all questions/suggestions 😀

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