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Great idea to come here!

Here is all you need to know to solve your problem with the game! Let's start with what we are working on solving now - Please mark this thread as Insightful if it helped you!

Let's start by a useful tip: What's my game ID and how to find it

Known issues and main questions

🐷 How does the Piggy Bank work? here!

📱 Moving your progress onto a new device here

💰 Problem with your purchase? Check here

🛣 You lost your progress? Check here

👉 Need help with a level? Check our Level Help & Tips section or check out these guides:

. Top 5 Beginners Tips

. All about the Blockers

. All about Candies and Special Combos

. How to play Heart Levels

. Tips to pass Animals Levels

Are you experiencing issues with the game? Here's some help, you'll be surprised how much these simple steps can help you :)

If after these you still need help, please Ask a question under Support. Remember to add as much details as possible on the problem and a screenshot is always helpful!

Also, help us help you and submit your ideas here!

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