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Candy Crush Friends Saga Easy Guides - Top 5 Tips for beginners

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 866 Game Expert
edited March 30 in Level Designers Tips

Hello! Welcome to the new series of the special guides from the Game Expert of your heart Sofia.

Those guides are for CCFS and they will help all the players to make a good progress in the game. Many players have alot of questions everyday and the biggest one is 'How can I become good in CCFS' or even they are asking for tips.

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. All about the Blockers

. All about Candies and Special Combos

. Tips to play Heart Levels

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. (General Strategy) - Player's guide to master Animal, Octopus, Cookie, Heart and Jam Levels

Top 5 Beginners Tips 👇

Don't worry. As Game Expert and player of CCFS, let me give you five special tips.

1) Focus on the Objective

Every level has an objective.

Candy Crush Friends Saga only gives you a certain number of matches to clear each level, and the less moves you make, the higher your score. Having moves left over is the best way to rack up a score high enough to earn three stars.

However, your actual objective in each level can be different, and it’s important to keep it in mind. Here are a few you’ll encounter along the way:

  • Free the Octopuses – We still think it should be octopi, but whatevs. The eight-armed sea creatures are stuck under the board, sometimes under multiple levels of obstructions, and you’ve got to make matches next to them to set them free.
  • Find the Animals – A number of animals are buried under ice tiles, which you can crack by making matches on top of them.
  • Spread the Jam – Cover as many squares of the playing field as possible with delicious jam, which you can pretend is any flavor you want.
  • Dunk the Cookies – Make matches that move the cookies around until they fall into the chocolate below the board.
  • Collect the Hearts – Fill the heart-shaped box molds until you have enough hearts to pass the level.

2) Choose the right character

At the start of any level, you can choose between three different Friends. Friends are unlocked by collecting their stickers as you pass levels.

Each Friend is assigned a favorite candy, and has its own powers. Powers are activated by filling up the Friend’s meter by collecting his favorite candy on the board.

Choosing the right friend for the right mission is vital in solving levels. In fact, you should remember this golden rule first. Don’t always go by the Recommended Friend. You need to be judicious and select someone that best suits your playing style and the level’s objective.

These are all the Friends you can unlock:

Tiffi: Collect 10 red candies and Tiffi will turn three random red candies into red Fish Candies.

Yeti: Collect 12 cyan candies and Yeti will turn one random cyan candy into a cyan Wrapped Candy.

Nutcracker: Collect 10 blue candies and Nutcracker will break five blockers in a line.

Odus: Collect 8 purple candies and Odus will turn two random purple candies into purple Striped Candies.

Red Rabbit: Collect 10 red candies and Red Rabbit will do extra damage to mint blockers.

Misty: Collect 10 orange candies and Misty will turn two random orange candies into any type of special candy.

Dachs: Collect 10 green candies and Dachs will remove three vertical blockers.

Olivia: Collect 10 purple candies and Olivia will hit four random gummy squares.

BubbleGum Troll: Collect 12 Yellow Candy = Farts/spits 2 explosive Bubble Blast Candies onto the board

Rachel: Move: Collect 12 Green Candy and Rachel will squirt 1 Rainbow Candy randomly replacing a green candy currently on the board

Jelly Queen: Collect 20 Orange Candy = Creates a cross blast which spreads Jam and Damages Blockers

3)Save your boosters

When you're playing Candy Crush Friends Saga, you can earn and collect special boosters to use during the game. While they can be helpful when you get stuck, try to hold onto them until you're sure they'll make the difference between winning and losing. The last thing you want is to use a lollipop hammer or two and still end up losing.

You can get boosters from completing daily quests, special events or you can find them in some levels.

4) Make special combos

Everyone who's played Candy Crush knows about the special candies you can create through matching, but it's important to remember how to create each one so you know what to expect in the heat of the moment.

Special candies can be even more powerful together. Setting off one special candy in the path of another does lots of damage, but when you match them, things get really crazy. And it's far easier to match special candies, because you need only two to do it, and the color doesn't really matter.

For more info about candy combos, check @Ashraf ' s guide here.

5) Don't forget about Sugar Rush!

Since you're currently hooked on Candy Crush Friends Saga, it's safe to say you might be a bit of a perfectionist.

Remember the importance of the Sugar Crush. At the end of each level, you will receive bonuses based on how many moves you have left and how many special candies remain on the game board. It's a good idea to finish in as few moves as possible and to leave as many special candies alone as you can bear. You'll still get credit for their creation, and the Candy Crush bonus could help you move from one star all the way to three. Just concentrate on fulfilling your objective: The game will give you credit where it's due.



  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 866 Game Expert

    I want to tag all my best friends too.

    Hey everyone, if you have any tips to give to the new players of CCFS, please write them below in comment section. Thank you.~

    Also, don't forget to write down your opinion about that new series of my special guides.

    @lulu13 , @Jasmina , @firebombmarkus , @Acv , @Mahiveche , @Elsa , @Sukanta_Biswas , @caambuj , @Sharon_Loose , @Simon888 , @Scooterpie , @RobinCorte , @Mattia_ , @Glenn1972 , @Foley1362 , @mysticalmysty , @Nat09 , @bearwithme , @Crimson_Dawn , @wafercookieflippers , @Chicken_Slayer , @BQN537 , @gr33n3y3z , @PummyRaj , @flew66 , @AbhinavSargar , @QueenMia@Lim@candycrushinit  and @Coconutz.

  • flew66flew66 Posts: 2,159 Game Expert

    @Sofia1992 Very well done my friend! Hats off to you 😊

    "It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams." - Gabriel García Márquez

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  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 866 Game Expert

    Thanks @flew66 .

    To be honest, I decided to create that series of guides so to help new players who just started to play CCFS.

    I noticed that many and many players need more and more help and have many questions about this game.

    So, it's time to share our knowledge with them.

    After we learned many things as we played CCFS all this time and gained alot of experience and gathered so much info, I think that it's time to share all our knowledge with everyone.

    Knowledge is power after all and our job as Game Experts is to help everyone on this community.

    Everyone deserve the best!

  • candycrushinitcandycrushinit Posts: 1,810 Game Expert

    Oh my...I never expected you to create such a perfect little guide for us. That was amazing my friend @Sofia1992. Bravo! 👏

    A young soul with a passion for Candy Crush. May all sweet things be with you in life. 🍭

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    You're gonna love it! You're welcome to read it anytime💖
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 26,182 Superstar

    It looks like you guys have covered it all!

    You can find out more about our Superstars here

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  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 5,675 Game Expert

    Great info @Sofia1992, that will definitely come in handy for our new CCF players. It will help them pick the right characters, which isn’t always the one recommended. Well done 😊🐰

  • LimLim Posts: 7,812 Game Expert

    Wow! These guides are really helpful! Thanks for your writing these guides! Awesome! @Sofia1992 👍

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  • AbhinavSargarAbhinavSargar Posts: 1,468 Level 5

    Great Job! @Sofia1992 Congratulations!!

    Some Tips for Players for difficult levels-

    •✓ Try to Get All Three Pre-Level Boosters Together which will help you to pass the level easily.

    •✓ Use your Special Combination Wisely. For Example -

    |_|C|_| ,C= Candy, |_|=Blocker

    C |_| C


    In these types of levels, You need to use Combination of Stripped Candy and Wrapped Candy. And You need to form them. Also, Remember To Use the Correct Character for these Levels. If the Blocker is Gummy Blocker then Olivia or Odus or Misty or Jelly Queen or Yeti can do the job here. But While Playing The Level, Make Sure While Playing, Cover Up The Most Area with the damage. For Example, You Got 20 Moves Then Divide The Level Board in 4 Parts and then Clear one Part in 5 Moves to ensure that Everything Gets Completed in 20 Moves. Also, Keep Making Special Candies.

    •✓ There are Some Levels where we don't have Enough Space To Cover The Game Correctly. For Such Levels- Jelly Queen, Misty and Red Rabbit Comes in handy.

    For Example-

    |B C| |B C B| |C B| ,B = Blocker ,C = Candy

    |C C| |C C C| |C C|

    <S P A C E................> Try to use the middle panel

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| Use Jelly Queen on middle

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| and on the End where blockers

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| are found.

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C|

    |B B B| |C C C| |B B|

    |B B| |B| |B B|

    •✓ There are some Levels where we cannot access Areas directly. For Such Levels, Use Jelly Queen or Tiffi or Blocker Damage Characters- Olivia or Nutcracker or Red Rabbit or Bubblegum Troll . For Example-

    |C C| |B B| ,C= Candy , B= Blocker

    |B B| |C C| Try Making Fishes on this levels

    S P A C E and Combination of Stripped

    S P A C E Candy and Wrapped Candy on

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| Left and Right Panels of Level

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| Also Combination of Color

    |C C C| |C C C| |C C| Bomb/Coloring Bomb and Fish

    S P A C E will work.

    S P A C E

    |B B| |B B|

    |B B| |B B|

    •✓ Always Make Combination of 2 Color Bombs, 2 Coloring Bombs and Color Bomb and Coloring Bomb.

    •✓ Keep an eye on Special Candies. They can get destroyed if color of the candies matches the color of the Special Candy. To avoid this situation, try to use them before 4 Moves. Sometimes it's worth to not use them. So, Use Them Carefully.

    •✓ For Purple Jam Levels, Use Jelly Queen Because She is useful in destroying Blockers as well as Spreading The Jam in above areas. She is Useful in Dropdown Levels and Shift Levels of Jam too.

    •✓ Do Not Use any hammer before you try at least 50 Times to complete a level. Use it wisely.

    •✓ Keep Checking the Events in the Community and in your Game To Win Exclusive Characters and Uniforms.

    •✓ @JustPlaying provides videos on How to clear a level

    for Each Level. Check Them.

    I Hope This Helps.

    Thanks Everyone For Being Part of the King Games, and it's Community. Your Contributions makes this Community a great place for Everyone.

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    Enjoy !

  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 8,092 Community Manager

    Wow! Look at all these awesome tips you have here 🤩

    I have moved this thread and announced it in the Level Tips category as I think it's very helpful to have it there.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Expert knowledge with everyone on the Community 🙏

    You guys are amazing 🌟💪

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  • AbhinavSargarAbhinavSargar Posts: 1,468 Level 5

    Thanks @QueenMia for sharing your tips too and indeed Great Job @Sofia1992 and Thanks for Sharing your views.

    Have A Nice Day!!

    Psst- Maybe One Day We will get a Type of Level Guide and How To Solve Every Type of Level Guide.

    Maybe a Sneek Peek Too.

    Thanks Everyone For Being Part of the King Games, and it's Community. Your Contributions makes this Community a great place for Everyone.

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    Enjoy !

  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 866 Game Expert

    Hey everyone.

    I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you loved my guide.

    Also, I'm so happy to see that some of you wanted to share your own tips with everyone.

    @flew66 , @bearwithme and @AbhinavSargar . Thank you so much for sharing your tips here.

    And don't worry @QueenMia . The series with the guides will be continued.

    Here is another one from me and this one is about the blockers.

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 11,509 Superstar

    Amazing thread @Sofia1992 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Here’s my one trick I will mention. Always be looking for combos of candies that can lead to the color bomb or coloring candy. I often find the game board rewards you for making a creative move like that rather than waiting for it to happen on it’s own set up.

    Good luck 💪🏻 all 🍩

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