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Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?

ElsaElsa Posts: 27,486 Superstar
edited September 2019 in Candy Friends Stories

You seem so sad, so very sad.

So please give us a clue.

Sadness does not become you I see,

So, let’s try something to make you happy!

Red Rabbit lives in Lollipop Meadows & Candy Town Farms.  But prior to living here he lived in Carrot Cake Cubby (Candy Crush Soda Saga).  At that time, he met up with Kimmy who was searching for her sister Tiffi.  Although he is an Extrovert, he also likes music, singing, and the ladies.  

He  greets Kimmy, “Welcome to the sweeter side of the Candy Kingdom. Don't mind the candy cracks,​​” he said.  “When Tiffi burst the factory, it spilled the soda. But the candies can't be stopped.”  


The trouble with Red Rabbit is that he is a Wannabe ladies’ man.  He is desperate to find love and romance, but actually clueless.  All his brothers and sisters have had lots of romantic success, spawning lots of baby rabbits. He just doesn’t seem to have any luck.


Poor Red Rabbit.  He is now 29 years old and living in Candy Town Farms.  Today he is really feeling sad because he hasn’t found the love of his life yet. 


What can we do?  How can we get him out of his slump?  Let’s go check in with Tiffi to see if she has any ideas.

Tiffi had moved away for a while and was living in New Jersey.  Yep!  Our Superstar Elsa, who also lives there, used to meet up with her for tea.  They lived on the same street and Elsa loved to hear about Tiffi’s adventures.  One day, Tiffi told Elsa that she was moving back to Candy Town.  She heard that Red Rabbit needed her help.  They hugged and promised to keep in touch.


Tiffi hasn’t aged.  She is 6 years old but not very tall.  She is only 2' 9" but that doesn’t bother her at all. 

She is a very cheerful, naïve, but reckless little girl.  She is the adoptive daughter of Mr. Toffee.  She was brought to his doorstep in a bag of candy, together with her older sister Kimmy.


Tiffi wants life to be a constant adventure!    While she is genuinely kind, and always offers her help without expecting anything in return, what really gives her a kick is the appreciation she gets from others after helping them.  But she is reckless!  Tiffi accidentally caused the Soda flood, which we see in Candy Crush Soda, when she made the machines in the Candy Factory so effective that they exploded! She still has no idea that happened.


Tiffi arrives back in Candy Town and goes home to say hello to her father and drop off her things.   Let’s follow her homecoming here.

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