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Newbies, This message is for you! (Part Two)

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,859 Superstar
edited January 2020 in Discussions
The next category will be very important for all players coming here, the Ideas.

In our Ideas section, first you will want to read what @QueenMia, our Community Manager, has to say about the ideas here.    Then please feel free to check out some of these great ideas and vote!  If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, please check first to see if it was already suggested.  If it hasn’t, then please create a new idea.  Make sure that the subject has a catchy title to attract other players to vote.

The Videos area offers you videos of each level and might be very helpful if you are stuck on a level.  The Level Designer Tips can also be accessed here. 

Our final area is the King Community area. 

The King Community area is broken down into 4 sections (Discover the Community, Superstar Corner, Contest Area and Games). 

The Discover the Community area is broken down to 4 areas (Getting Started, Player Corner, Support and Meet the Kingsters).  You can read more about these 4 areas below.

  1. Getting Started will explain more about the community, the points and badges etc. 
  2. The Player Corner will offer you a message where you can introduce yourself and talk about your favorite games or just meet other players.  We also have a Give us your feedback area, as well as the Member of the Month award.  The latter is awarded to a well-deserved contributor who offers kind and helpful messages  to the players seeking answers in the community.  Our Superstars will recommend individuals who they feel are deserving of this award to the community management team.
  3. In Support you can find blogs written by King staff on common issues for your mobile device and/or computer. 
  4. Meet the Kingsters is a fun area.  This is where you can meet some of the teams in the studio such as the level developers, graphic artists and so much more. 

The Contest area offers you all the King games and their contests.  The  General link offers a contest throughout all the game areas.  Please feel free to participate in the general contests, as well as your own game contests.  All rewards will be offered to that specific game. 

The Superstar Corner is for our Superstars, however, you can access the Superstar Information area where you can find out about our Superstars.  Say hello to our Superstar 2020 team.   Please feel free to ask them any questions or learn how you can become a Superstar.     

The Games area will show you all the King games.  Click on any of them to access their game community.

Curious minds want to know!  You've undoubtedly seen people on the train or at a coffee shop or at work swiping at brightly colored candy pieces on their mobile devices.  Yes, they are playing Candy Crush Friends Saga!

We would like to know how you first learned about the game.  Please add your Candy Crush Friends Saga story.

Before I close this message I want to make you aware of a very important Community Guide message from our community manager, @QueenMia.  Please read the house rules and violations.  Learn how to start earning stars and badges, how to get points, how to view and edit your profile, and much more.   Also please visit the Introduce yourself and say hi to the community!  You would be surprised at how many Candy Crush Friends Saga players we have here in the community.  You might end up meeting a long last friend who also plays the game!
So welcome one and all!  Here we can express frustration, ideas, happy moments when you've cleared that very hard level and much more.  If you are not aware of tagging, I will show you how it's done.  If you are in a message or even starting a new message and you want to tag a Superstar or a manager all that you need to do is to start with the "@" sign and start typing the name.  A box should pop up where you can click on the name, or you can just type it out.

If you haven't read part one then please click on image to start at the beginning.

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My Once upon a time... stories index page
A guide to help you locate the different areas in the community!

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Have any good ideas to help improve your game?  Master list of ideas for our King games

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