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Newbies, This message is for you!

ElsaElsa Posts: 32,269 Community Hub Moderator
edited June 2020 in Discussions

Whether you just came here today for the first time, or you've been here for a bit, I'd like to welcome you to our Candy Crush Friends Saga community.  Before we begin I want to make you aware of something very important that seems to be asked quite often in the community.  Please read this message:  How do I add friends from here for my game?

Now I would like to make you aware of some of things that we have going on here in this community.  

This community is broken down into six areas (Discussions, Contests, Support, Ideas, Videos and King Community).

The Discussions area is where you will find announcements posted by @QueenMia or @QueenB our Community Manager for this game.  The studio is always looking for feedback so please check out this area and feel free to add your feedback too.  In this area you will be able to read some general discussions posted by players.  Please feel free to join any of their messages, as well as, creating any new messages.

The Discussions area is broken down into two additional areas (The Fun Area and Level Designers Tips).

The Fun Area is exactly that – Fun!  This is your opportunity to meet other game players.  The Candy Friends Stories is also located in the Fun Area.  There are many talented community members who have posted trivia and stories so take some time to check out their messages.

The  Level Designers Tips area  offers you some level tips by the studio designers starting with episode 107. 

The Win Prizes area is where you can find all current and past contests.  QueenMia loves contests so you will usually see current contests posted all the time. 


The Support area is where you will post your issues or contribute to any current discussions.  For example, if you are having difficulty with a level or you think that you might have found a glitch, you can check it out in this area.  Our Superstars and Game Experts are here to help you with your issues and if we don't have the answers we can also search or tag @QueenMia or @QueenB. Our Superstars and Game Experts are volunteers who love the community and enjoy helping players with their game issues.  You can recognize them by their signatures.

Before posting your message, please use the search box to see if your issue has already been reported.

The Support Area is further broken down to the help center area.

The Help Center area is where you will find answers to many of the common questions.  It also includes a Player's Guide which can be very helpful if you are fairly new to the game.  If you prefer videos, you can check out the following video guides:  A Superstar Beginners Guide to Candy Crush Friends Saga and A Superstar Guide to Candy Crush Friends Saga Quests and more!

The Ideas area offers you a Master list of ideas for this game here.

Please make sure to READ the important message on how to submit an idea before creating a new idea.

The Videos area offers you videos created by @JustPlaying for the game levels.  Located in this area is the Level Designer Tips offered by the Studio developers so you might want to check it out.

The King Community is where you will meet people from other King games.

The Get Started area consists of King Management messages explaining what the community is all about,  the Community Guide and much more.  Also located in this area is the Who we are and this is where you can meet the community team, the Superstars and Game Experts.  You can also meet some of the Kingsters who create your favorite games.  You don’t want to miss out on this area.  

The Player’s Corner is where you are going to meet other game players who are enjoying the community.  Please introduce yourself and check out the other messages.  Don’t forget to check out the Hottest Topics in the Community.  Also located in this area is the Member of the Month.  Players are chosen by how active and helpful you are in the community.

The Contest area is broken down by game communities.  The General contest area is where you will find the global competitions that are posted in all the game areas.  Each game community also runs their own competitions for a chance to earn some gold bars.  So, click on your game to see if there are any current contests going on. 

The Support area is where you will find messages created by King Management.  This area is broken down into four sections.  Accessing the Mobile area will offer you some solutions for issues that might happen on your Apple, Android or Windows Mobile devices.  The Computer area, will offer you possible solutions for issues that might happen on Windows 10, or playing through Facebook or through king.com.  The Kindle/Amazon area will offer some possible solutions for your game crashing or not connecting on your Kindle.  The General Issues area was written by management and here you will find several common issues such issues as purchases, progress, crashing or loading, etc.

Our community uses only English when writing messages but you can now access the International Corner area for French, Spanish and German speaking players. 

The Games area is where you can find all the King game communities.  Just click on your game to find out what your game community offers, or you can check out the ‘Newbies, This message is for you’ list to access your game community too.

Before closing this message, there is a very important Community Guide message from our community manager, @QueenMia.  Please read the house rules and violations.  Learn how to start earning stars and badges, how to get points, how to view and edit your profile, and much more.   Also please visit the Introduce yourself and say hi to the community!  You would be surprised at how many Candy Crush Friends Saga players we have here in the community.  You might end up meeting a long last friend who also plays the game!

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