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Win free boosters with the Candy Story! (Part 1) .. FINISHED!

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,866 Superstar
edited October 2019 in Win Prizes

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Our Tiffi has been around the King studio for many years.  She has met and helped many characters.  Some of them have followed her from Candy Crush Saga through to Candy Crush Friends Saga.How well do you know these characters?  Here is your chance to find out!   

This is a 3-part multiple-choice challenge.  Today you be viewing part one.  Next week you will get part two and the following week part three.  You have one month to complete this contest.

All the answers can be found in our community, Once upon a time, in the Kingdom.   You will be looking for the answers in the “Tiffi is back!” story and the “Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?” story. 

You can also access the stories individually:  Tiffi is back!  and  Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?

10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive three free boosters for your game.

All participants who complete all three parts with the correct answers will be awarded a new badge for your collection.  @QueenMia is working on the badge, as we speak, so once it’s completed she will be posting it here.

Below are the first week’s multiple-choice questions.  Good luck!

1.       When Tiffi returns to Candy Town how many of her friends does she meet up with?

A.       3

B.      5

C.      8

D.      7

2.       Nutcracker loves to toot on his trumpet.  When you match 10 blue candies he will play a few notes and attack up to 5 blockers in a vertical  line.

A.      True

B.      False

3.       Red Rabbit is sad because:

A.      He is a Wannabe ladies’ man

B.      All his brothers and sisters have had lots of romantic success

C.      He is desperate to find love and romance, but actually clueless

D.      All of the above

4.       How does Tiffi share her adventures with Kimmy?

A.      Phone

B.      Emails

C.      Messages in a bottle

D.      None of the above

5.       Who comes up with a solution for Red Rabbit’s sadness?

A.      Giggles

B.      Dachs

C.      Nutcraker

D.      Valentin Fluffybun

6.       Before returning to Candy Town where did Tiffi live?

A.      Barcelona

B.      New Jersey

C.      New York

D.      Paris

In order to qualify for this contest, please make sure to use the spoiler when responding. 

You have until Monday 21st  of October 13pm CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.    


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