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Once upon a time, in the Kingdom...

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Ever wondered about the Kingdom's secrets? Want to know more? You came to the right place! 
Find out below all you ever wanted to know 😄

Meet the legendary Candy Crush Friends characters and find out fun acts about each of them!
  1. Meet Tiffi
  2. Meet Yeti
  3. Meet the Nutcracker - Jean-Luc
  4. Meet Odus
  5. Meet the BubbleGum Troll
  6. Meet Misty
  7. Meet Olivia
  8. Meet Dachs
  9. Meet Red Rabbit
Check out our characters exclusive interviews!
  1. Tiffi
  2. Yeti
  3. Nutcracker
  4. Odus
  5. Misty

Check our joyful Tiffi's story and discover amazing facts about the Kingdom 
  1. Tiffi is back
  2. Who are these trapped animals?
  3. Tiffi steps in red gooey stuff
  4. Tiffi visits Yeti
  5. Who does Tiffi meet up with?
  6. Tiffi and Yeti go on an adventure
  7. Who is that over there? Meet Nutcracker and Red Rabbit
  8. Mr Toffee is frantic 

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