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Please only post ideas on how we can improve the game Candy Crush Friends and take a look at the Master List of Ideas before posting
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Master List for Candy Crush Friends Saga Ideas

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,901 Sweet Legend
edited October 2021 in Ideas

Welcome to the Master List for Candy Crush Friends Saga! 

Here you'll find the top player ideas for Candy Crush Friends Saga:


Please READ before submitting an idea!


Top Candy Crush Friends Saga idea:

Portal to navigate between levels

Ideas about Gold Bars and Piggy Bank

Gold bar wheel 

Be able to unlock gold without having to buy it 

Please add a "CONFIRM" Button to use Gold Bars/purchase 

Shake piggy bank 

Reward for every milestone 

Gold bars instead of boosters as a reward 

Gold bars for the leaderboard 

Badger chest 

Get Free piggy bank 


Ideas about blockers, boosters and moves

Provide more options for extra moves! 

Double Friends Booster

A new moveable blocker

Ideas about events and features

Be able to save 120 min fish or candy award for when you got time 

Idea: The Friends' Item Shop 

Gifts for my birthday

Be able to add Friends through King account

Color blindness help

Please browse through the ideas threads and vote for all you'd like to come to the game. Before you open a new one, you might also want to check out Ideas Archive, where you will find some archived ideas that won't be implemented.

Special thanks to @Elsa and @Spinnifix for working hard on this Master List


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