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Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters - Nutcracker (Part 4B)

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 1,229 Game Expert

Hello my friends.

Welcome to 'Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters' with me, the Game Expert of your heart Sofia.

First of all, I'd like to thank @mysticalmysty and @flew66 for giving me some info about Nutcracker's previous outfit events, @candycrushinit who shared some gifs and pics with me and I posted them here in this tribute and @Elsa and her amazing stories.

Before we start, let me tell you that @Elsa made a new story with Nutcracker which is here. Read it and you will gonna love it alot!

Anyway, the time comes to analyse Nutcracker's last four legendary outfits which these ones are based on special events.

Pilgrim Nutcracker --> (20 stars from 2018 Thanksgiving Star Chaser Event or getting him from Odus Challenge in November 2019)

Back then and after the launching of CCFS, Pilgrim Nutcracker was released in December 1-3, 2018 and it was the first outfit of Nutcracker who came from event (and the rarest one in the game.)

The event back in 2018 was a Star Chaser Event which the players should completed levels and get 20 stars in three days only, in order to get that outfit.

Also, in November 2019, Pigrim Nutcracker came back and this time, with Odus Challenge Event. This time, the players in that Event should complete 10 quests (from November 26-December 1,2019) in order to get boosters and Pilgrim Nutcracker as reward.

My opinion about this costume is that I've got excited at first if you think that it was the first legendary outfit that I've got for Nutcracker. But when I used his skill for first time, I couldn't be able to master it so I saved that outfit in my scrapbook. But that was until few days ago which I stucked in a hardcore level (level 868 actually) , I tried all Nutcracker's outfits and nothing seemed to work. This level was very very hard. I tried them all except from his Pilgrim outfit. So, I used it and in the end, i passed this level with 3 stars so I started to love it.

Special Move Animation: Before he collects his blue candies, Nutcracker Pilgrim holds a rubber turkey in his hand while he laughs and after he throws that turkey in the board.

Victory Dance:???

Nutcracker King Of Hearts --> (300 stickers or completing all 20 levels in the Valentine Valley episode during the 2019 Valentine Day's Event or getting him from Odus Challenge Event 2020)

King of Hearts is the second legendary outfit for our beloved Nutcracker and one of the most fabulous outfits that I have never seen in my whole life.

But before to share my opinion about this sweet, cutie and really awesome outfit for Nutcracker, let's share more info about the events that this outfit appeared.

Back in February 2019 (from February 7-21, 2019) , Nutcracker King Of Hearts was a limited costume and in order to get him, you should completed 20 very special and unique Valentine Levels (actually an unique map on Valentine Valley) ....and that was the first part of Valentine Event in 2019.

Also, he appeared and in Odus Challenge Event in February 2020. This time, the players in that Event should complete 10 quests (actually from February 11-16) in order to get boosters and Nutcracker King Of Hearts as reward.

My opinion for this outfit is....that I love it so much! My top favorite one outfit of Nutcracker and he looks very sweet, cutie, adorable and very dynamic with that outfit.I love also how he hugs you when you tap on him...while his victory dance which is tango...oh boy...it's so romantic...D'awww....Who wouldn't like to dance with him after this?

Special Move Animation:

Before finishing gathering his candy the King of Hearts Nutcracker will pull out a giant queen of hearts card with Tiffi as the queen. He will stare at it with love and hearts in his eyes until he finally tries to kiss it... having it then fly away from him and hit the board.

Victory Dance: The King of Hearts dances the Tango with a rose in mouth.

Nutcracker Prince Of Diamonds --> (450 stickers or 50 stars from the 2019 Valentine's Day Star Chaser event)

Prince of Diamonds is the third legendary outfit for Nutcracker and the second Valentine outfit after King Of Hearts.

In the second part of Valentine Event in 2019 and once you're done with the 20 levels in Valentine Valley, you return to the regular map and a Star Chaser event start - You need to earn 50 Stars to unlock the Prince of Diamond Costume for Nutcracker.

My opinion about this outfit is that it's amazing and fabulous like King Of Hearts but why does he has the same animation like Nutcracker with his soldier uniform? Why? Seriously check the gif above and tell me if you like that animation of this outfit!

Seriously, why didn't they put this animation on the game? We have Nutcracker King Of Hearts who give us hugs so why not Prince of Diamonds can't give us kisses too?

Special Move Animation: The same like original Nutcracker!

Victory Dance: This same like original Nutcracker. (Ok, I say it twice! Sorry!)

Leprechaun Nutcracker --> (450 stickers or 70 stars from the 2019 Saint Patrick's Day Star Chaser event or getting him from Odus Challenge Event 2020)

Leprechaun Nutcracker...the last legendary outfit of Nutcracker and it's my second favorite legendary outfit of Nutcracker after King Of Hearts.

Back in March 2019 (from March 16-24, 2019) , Leprechaun Nutcracker was a limited costume and in order to get him, you should collected 70 stars via Star Chaser Event.

Also, he appeared and in Odus Challenge Event in March 2020. This time, the players in that Event should complete 10 quests (actually from March 17-22) in order to get boosters and Leprechaun Nutcracker as reward.

My opinion is that Leprechaun Nutcracker is a cutie one...and a lucky too. If I had to choose between all the gold of the world and Leprechaun Nutcracker, I'd choose Nutcracker of course. And I love his Irish Dance alot. It's a very cheerful dance and I love to see Nutcracker so happy while dancing like that. Aww..~

Special Move Animation: Brings out a pot of gold and acts all greedy. After the Leprechaun Nutcracker has all his candy collected a rainbow shoots from the pot of gold to hit the board.

Victory Dance: Celebrates with an Irish step dance.


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