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  • actipton80
    actipton80 Posts: 426 Level 3

    I don't remember a lot of the early levels and who I had unlocked at the time, but you can do quests in any level that has whatever color you are collecting, Also if a character puts a certain candy on the board that you need, you use that character. For example, I had to collect 250 fish today so I used Tiffi on a level where she is available to use. Also, a lot of times you can make a color bomb, and if it is next to a red candy, Tiffi will often turn that red candy into a fish. I could then match the color bomb with the fish and make lots of fish. I did the same thing with a fish and a coloring candy, which will make even more fish than a color bomb will,

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 968 Level 4

    I too don’t remember early levels but the advice given above is good.

    i keep a note page on my phone for when I do a level that is of interest. You should do the same and also post here for any other newbies 😊😊😊

  • actipton80
    actipton80 Posts: 426 Level 3

    I have a piece of scratch paper next to my PC that I use to write down useful levels on as well. I just forget to write what they are useful for sometimes.

    The earliest level I use is 498 for green, cyan, purple, orange, and coloring candies. That level distributes lots of special candies, but only the ones you create by matching candies count toward quests.

  • DGenevieve
    DGenevieve Posts: 1,749 Level 5

    I wished I had written down all the good info on a piece of paper. So far I only remember specific levels. This is my fav for collecting color 💣🎉 and color candies.

    However, I see that for color candies, I would need to use Red Rabbit instead of the other two options for better chance of color candies.🤷‍♀️ For color bombs, you will certainly get it every time.

    This level is also good for collecting mints too.

    Also, level 3277- orange candies, licorice

    3266- mints

    3198- cyan

    3153-good for purple candies, fish (using Tiffi)

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 968 Level 4

    Thanks @DGenevieve

    im a long way off from those levels but will certainly use them when I get there!!! 😊

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 968 Level 4

    @Miss_Dani bookmark this thread! It’s super handy

    I’ve also added extra levels I have found to collect stuff for quests

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 11,816 Level 2

    Yasssss @dananelle, this was the thread I was talking about! 🙌 I've bookmarked it now & will keep it close.

    💡 I see you added some very useful notes so I thought I'd ask you if you want to keep developing this thread here with me. Perhaps we could compile the info that our dear @wafercookieflippers & other players have shared here and add other useful info we both might have. You could even post a new, updated, thread on this subject. I think it would be pretty cool so PM me if you are up for it & we'll get cracking! ... It would also help our future FriendsInc Team endeavours! 😁

    (I recently started working on a Level inventory for the game & have a bunch of info & screenshots that might come in handy.)

    Cc. @gr33n3y3z & @Lola_Pop

  • actipton80
    actipton80 Posts: 426 Level 3

    I have found an easy way to get coloring candies for quests. If you have to coloring candy timed booster active, use Tiffi in level 1001. At the beginning of that level, all the green candies turn red when you have that booster and Tiffi. Then those candies match and make a red coloring candy basically for free. Use it right and you might be able to make a second one right away.

    Too bad my game keeps crashing when I scroll back to earlier levels.

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 968 Level 4

    sounds good @Miss_Dani Will PM you. I am trying to go through old levels to see how many items are on offer to help even more !

    thanks @actipton80 for the info. Sorry your game is crashing. Sure do wish we could get to levels easier!

  • actipton80
    actipton80 Posts: 426 Level 3

    It hasn't crashed since the Bubblegum troll event started. I also want to add 1823 for caramels, blues, cyans, purples, reds, and color bombs. Tiffi, Yeti, and Nutcracker are the available characters. I had also written 1826 down for a Nutcracker level.

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