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  • Kate3A
    Kate3A Posts: 2,096 Level 4
    edited June 2021

    Hi, tagging @Uncle_Bob

    look at the 1st page, especially helpful!

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    We wrote notes about levels, but it was hard to write down all the relevant information for the different possible daily quests, so I developed the form below with 20 rows, which would give complete information for a set of 20 levels. The first row is level 4321, and the note “3 scr” to the left means that it involves 3 separate screens. The Task “SJ” is spreading jam. The helpers available are 1 “RC” for Rachel, 2 “Y” for Yeti, and 3 “N” for Nutcracker. (We circle the helpers we use when we win that level.) The candy colors are B=Blue, C=Cyan, G=Green, P=Purple, and R=Red. Level 4341 has 33 CC or Caramel Cups and 14 PR or Pop Rocks as “Extra Candies”.

    High numbers of Color Bombs or Coloring Candies are noted off to the right, so for this set of 20 levels, levels 4345, 4347, 4350, &4357 have a high frequency of Color Bombs (which we call “Color Balls”.) Having this form has decreased the time spent writing information down, and increased the efficiency of backtracking to complete Daily Quests.

    If anyone wishes a copy of this form, I can post a blank page of this form that I think you could then download and print for your own use.

  • DGenevieve
    DGenevieve Posts: 1,749 Level 5
    edited June 2021

    🤩Wow!!! @Uncle_Bob

    Thank you for the info.👍 You’re so thorough with this game. My go to level for color bombs/ color candies, orange/yellow/red candy, fish, etc is 4167. I use this level almost every day. This level gives you a very high amount of (especially) orange, amongst other things.😍

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 10,568 Friends Moderator

    @Uncle_Bob , It would be great if you could post a blank copy of your form in this thread so others could use it. Your hardworking could benefit many players. And I hope players will continue to post best levels for completing quests. THANKS!

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @MountainMom Here you go! It is a copy-photograph rather than the original Word document as I have a very old version of Word and I doubt the file would be compatible for most others. But I hope you could download the photograph and print that to get the form.

    To explain the abbreviations:

    Task: Fill Hearts, Free Animals, Free Octopuses, Spread Jam, Dunk Cookies

    Helpers: Dachs, Jelly Queen, Misty, Nutcracker, Odus, Olivia, Rabbit, Tifi, Troll, Yeti

    Candy Colors: Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow

    Extra Candies: CC=Caramel Cups, MT=Mints, PR=Pop Rocks, TL= pink Tiles

    Remember to use the space on the left and right margins for other pertinent information such as it being a multi-screen level, which levels are good for matching LOTS of candies, or if a level seems to spontaneously create Color Bombs or Coloring Candies, which can help with those Daily Quests. If anyone has ideas for improving this form, please let me know! Cheers!

  • Kate3A
    Kate3A Posts: 2,096 Level 4
    edited June 2021

    I too keep track of the levels, but via spreadsheet.


    It's a lot easier to navigate because you can use colors, autofilling (ex: you just type "o" and it fills the word octopuses, or you drag the Level# down and it fills the rest of the numbers itself) and auto-coloring (ex: I told it once to make all the heart-levels pink, the jam-levels purple with dots, etc or if I get less than 3 stars to make the cell gray, so it not just fills in the word, it also colors it for easier tracking) , you can store more info with the right system, you can add info in comments which makes the whole thing "tidy", plus you have every level on one page. And Ctrl+F (the search option) makes finding stuff -even inside comments- piece of cake.


    I keep the spreadsheet on my desktop and I play on my laptop which is right next to it, so filling the info is easy because I don't have to alternate windows. And if I have a timed-booster active, I just fill in the spreadsheet quicly while the booster does some crushing on its own, so don't lose precious minutes. For someone with just one PC it may not be that easy.

    compare pros & cons and decide!

    (if someone has no experience with spreadsheets, maybe not a good idea...)

  • dananelle
    dananelle Posts: 968 Level 4

    Awesome @Uncle_Bob !

    I keep notes on my phone and have posted below:

  • actipton80
    actipton80 Posts: 426 Level 3

    My piece of paper is filling up. I have found 1856 to be a great level for just about every special candy as well as red,orange, and yellow.

    1894 is good for green,blue, purple, cyan, red, and caramel cups.

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    @Kate3A , would you mind showing a screenshot of what your spreadsheet looks like? How many levels do you have in it? I don’t mind searching visually for the things I need to solve Daily Quests for the last 100 levels (=5 pages), but clearly if you want to search back farther than that, the spreadsheet method would be more effective. The backtracking process gets more tedious the more levels you have to go back, so what would be your limit for backtracking? In practice, we usually backtrack only 20-60 levels.

  • Uncle_Bob
    Uncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Memories of “The Good Old Days”:

    Last year on June 14th , I was at level 3,000 and that was “The End Of The Road”. Below is a post I made that included screenshots of all 5 screens of level 3000:

    So one year later , CCFS has 4380 levels in the Apple IOS version we use, so we have received on average about 26 new levels per week over the last year. In reality, most weeks it is exactly 20 new “Classic” levels, but on some weeks 40 new levels are posted. I would like to take this opportunity to also publicly thank the CCFS programmers who clearly put in a LOT of work to keep us all entertained! Cheers!

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