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New to the CCFS community? Here's a lil guide :)

little_kay Posts: 378 Level 3
edited August 2020 in Discussions
Hey all, and welcome to the Community!
If you are new to the King Community and is unsure of how to LEVEL UP here is the Community legend:
(not new to the King Community, but new to the CCFS community? Click here for a speed guide!)

If you really want to make it to Sweet Success 🍦 you'll need to collect POINTS! But you may be wondering . . . WHAT ARE POINTS? How do I get them?

Well, here's the answer!

Points are based off of your engagement in the community - and the more points you have, the more exclusive rewards can be accessed! 😲 But . . . how do you collect points? Well, points are collected through two things: BADGES and ANSWERS.

Badges: there are THREE different ways to get them! The first is by doing certain things, such as voting in a Kingdom Game, changing your avatar, tagging someone for the first time, etc. The second is by receiving reactions from other players or answering a question that another player had. Reactions are just how a player feels about a post. A player can react from the bar underneath each post:

The third way is by being rewarded by a Community Manager. If you're curious, you can find a full list of the badges here (it's A LOT)!

Now, about ANSWERS: Every time you answer another player, you get 2 points. Every time a player marks your answer as ACCEPTED ANSWER you get 10 points! Wowzaaa! 🤩 More info about how to obtain points from answers here!

Lastly, if you have any questions I can definitely help reach out to me @little_kay 💞
Hope to see you around the community! Stay sweeeet and keep crushin'! 🍉


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