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Let’s party!

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Tiffi is sitting at her computer so she waits for Rachel’s email. There it is! She looks over all the content and she really did a great job on this! She sends a thank you email back to Rachel and tells her that she’s going to contact everyone to see who is interested. She’ll get back to her in a bit.

The next day Tiffi makes all her phone calls and everyone is excited. They make plans to do it this coming Friday evening. All of them are asked to bring a campfire story to share if they feel like doing that. 

The next few days pass quickly and it’s now Friday.  Tiffi gathers the ingredients to make the Campfire Cones. She does a quick look at her checklist to make sure that she has taken care of everything. Blankets and chairs – everyone is bringing their own. Food – everyone is bringing what they can. She double checks to make sure that she has the bag of marshmallows. If she forgets those then they can’t try s’mores. Yeti is on the way to pick her up. Everything is in order!

When Tiffi and Yeti arrive, Odus, Chewy, Olivia and Misty are already there.

“Hey guys, we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight,” says Tiffi. “First thing that we need to do is to gather some wood and kindling to start a fire. We also need to get long twigs to make toasted marshmallows. Any volunteers?”

Yeti volunteers to get the wood and kindling for the fire and Chewy volunteers with Odus to get some long twigs.

It doesn’t take them too long to return with all the wood. Yeti tells Tiffi that he will start the fire. 

Let’s continue - Chewy and Red Rabbit share campfire stories

Start at the beginning – Let’s have a bonfire!

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