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⭐Stars in the Night sky⭐ October Astronomy🌠 what's 2 see🌙🌟👀

WendyG78WendyG78 Posts: 221 Level 3
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Any of y'all ever just stare up at the sky🌛..i do, in total awe inspiring amazment..🌠I just lose myself up there or find myself..,but either way it always makes me feel so....."ahhh"🤗⚖. So I thought maybe 2 help celebrate The events of World Space Week which is every year stretch from Oct. 4 — the launch anniversary of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957 — to Oct. 10, the anniversary of the signing of the Outer Space Treaty in 1967, which governs how to use space, such as the moon and other celestial bodies, peacefully..

. Hoping others might enjoy celestial sights as well 💚  I was thinking I could share a few things I know just in case someone would want the knowledge and/or the joy to experience for themselves💞🌠

Since the nights are getting longer here in the Northern hemisphere, thanks to the Autumnal Equinox on September 22nd, it will offer some great views and sights of the night sky🥰👀🌙🌠

1️⃣st... 🚫🔭no telescope required.. only dark sky is needed..try to get away from neighborhood lights, maybe a park or field, depending where u live,darkest sky gets best views..I myself head up to top of mountain if possible ..somen will surely catch your attention if you look up..

2️⃣nd...🐉🌠 The Draconids Meteor Shower.. 🗓 peak TONIGHT❗❗❗ October 8th & 9th.. this one is great for younger viewers that cant stay up all night..🕖🌠👀towards the northwest coming from the Dragon constellation.. the one between big & lil dippers..should see more this year than usual, thanks to a dim,thin crescent moon🌙😉💚🔥 🐲☄🚿

the Draconids unusual temperment is very unique. As the only force that occurs pre-Midnight, happening around dusk. Others occur in the early A.M. hours. Also most are pretty consistent in raining across the sky., whereas the draconids are very unpredictable. Most years they only produce a sprinkle,as if they are asleep. However when Draco wakes,he will shower an intense rage & can spurt out hundreds & even thousands per hour..now that would be a sight to see..maybe in a few years,like in 2025,when the mother comet passes closer to Earth,as the parental influence gives strength..💟💫💪🤗 💕🐲

3️⃣rd.... Venus 🎇can only be seen a little less than 3 hrs.,either after sunset or before dawn..therefore it's been known as *evening star* or *morning star*for ages..as the 3rd brightest object seen in the night, will be in the southwest sky during the evening hrs.,but dont miss it,bed times shortly after the sun,within hour or so..⏳ (that's alot of 3s totally unintentional as I've added around when I could,just seen 333,✨maybe message of universe)

4️⃣th.... 🗓on October 14th a *Celestial Trinity*🌛✨👀JUPITER,& SATURN with the MOON in between Aligns..〰️ seen to the South peaking the horizon just a bit after dusk..

5️⃣th...🏹 🌠🗓 Orionid meteor shower..October 20th-21st .. in southeast around 1am..🏹🕑 Orion is the brightest & most known constellation. standing on the celestial equator,so the whole world can see...

Visibility maybe harder as The moon will almost be full and should be bright,so try obtaining a view away from glare in darkest spot possible.. usually the best shower in autumn, no wonder as a descendant of Halley's Comet 🌠 ( won't see that girl around till 2061).

🤔💭👀💬💕 ⁉️📋✨🌖🌠🛸👽🔮🧩🔗💞☯️😘

Please share your thoughts, views, feelings,questions with this post, the night sky, astronomy, astrology, the cosmos, universe or whatever, even if unknown.. 💞🌛✨🌟🌠🥰

Can anybody Help me on this ? if possible, I would Love 2 give yall a badge 4 joining in 💞☯️💚

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If this is alright with Community teams

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