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The menu is planned!

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“Of course, we will have turkey,” Kimmy says.  “I can make a really good cranberry sauce to go with the turkey.  Stuffing is a must and we can make some mashed potatoes.     Do we think we need to make a green bean casserole?  I know it’s something that everyone loves, but I would like to see something different, for a change.  What about broccoli or maybe asparagus?  Sweet potato casserole always goes over very well.  For an appetizer we could have stuffed mushrooms.”


Tiffi forgot to mention that Misty wanted to take care of the appetizers.  The idea of Vegan was mentioned and Tiffi said that she will take care of that.


“Kimmy, I found a couple of vegan recipes online,” says Tiffi.  “We can have some vegan stuffed mushrooms and I will look online for a good recipe.  For the main course we can do roast cauliflower with some vegan mac and cheese.  I also found a recipe for dairy-free mashed potatoes that we can do too.  A huge tossed salad will be good for everyone, but we will have to find a tahini salad dressing for our vegan friends.”


The list was coming together when Kimmy suddenly realizes that they haven’t discussed a gluten-free menu.


“Tiffi, what about gluten-free?” questions Kimmy.  “ Let’s make sure to get some gluten-free dinner rolls and maybe we can make a gluten-free green bean casserole.  Baked potatoes are always a great side dish so let’s make sure to make some.”


Now that the girls have planned the entire menu, it’s time for lunch and then Tiffi is going to take Kimmy with her to help the players with their levels.


Let’s follow her adventure  here.

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story  


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