Level changed on Candy Crush? Different number of moves or seeing the same level twice?



  • youtube shows others who start with 25 moves. Why do I only get 20?
  • I have already completed the levels at which i am now..... Why uh took me back to the levels which i have already completed ? 
  • Lai_Man_LiewLai_Man_Liew Posts: 9
    edited February 12
    I have a list of sugar drops level for me to get the boosters. but now some levels are different from before.

    This is from my account for an example

  • Lai_Man_LiewLai_Man_Liew Posts: 9
    But my wife account is ok

  • angie82angie82 Posts: 2
    This has happened to me today as well!
  • SallyeauxSallyeaux Posts: 3
    edited February 13
    Me too!  I've been collecting Sugar Drops on these levels everyday (sometimes 2x a day!) and now they have changed. It's very distressing. I will work on a list of my Sugar Drop levels that have changed. I remember 1828 and 344 for sure are different but 1476 and 281 haven't changed. (Updating: levels 3252, 3246, 3009, 1955 and 1747 have all been changed from good Sugar Drop levels to lousy ones.) 
  • Natalie_BlakeNatalie_Blake Posts: 9
    Same story here. I routinely play level 2634 to get boosters, and even have come in girst on several of the space races by collecting lots of sprinkle balls playing this level. What gives, King? Give us back our levels!
  • gav666gav666 Posts: 7
    How is it fair that people who started playing it before us had it easier with more moves?
    no wonder there’s people all the way at the end , they didn’t have to put up with the ridiculous lack of moves
  • neetavedineetavedi Posts: 0
    I am at level 3443. But at this level some previous super hard level is showing instead of actual 3443 level which I watched on Google/YouTube. Please tell why is this so.
  • gav666gav666 Posts: 7
    It’s ridiculous hey, it makes the game look even more like a game of luck and not actual skill.
    the only way to win these stupid levels is by luck of the candy’s dealt
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 6,537 Superstar
    Hello @Neha_123_gupta,

    A Warm Welcome to the King Community, where you can seek Answers / Suggestions in any King Games' Sections :)

    With regards to your Question, sometimes this is happening in Candy Crush Saga game.  But, when you see that, you simply tap on your Avatar / Profile picture that is visible on the game map.  It will take you to your current level. 

    Usually, that picture icon stays at the last level we have played before closing the game.  This happens both in PC and Mobile devices.  I feel that this is a good feature because I will have to scroll down all the way to play "Sugar Drop Challenge".  If it stays at that last level, I can start from playing that level itself  =)

    Hope this made sense!  If you need further assistance, please click on the "Type your Comment" box OR tag me with @ and my name, just like how I wrote your name above!

    All the Best & keep having fun with crushing candies :+1: 

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  • angie82angie82 Posts: 2
    So will this problem be solved for us or do we have to play a different game to our friends?
  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,508 Community Manager

    UPDATE 13/02/2019- Hi everyone! You may notice that some of your levels have changed again or perhaps you are noticing some levels which are the same as levels that you have played previously. The test is back again for the time being, so please follow this thread for updates. 


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  • EliasConEliasCon Posts: 9
    But my wife account is ok

    I dont even have a girlfriend ;(
  • CandyCrush33CandyCrush33 Posts: 13 ✭✭
    I think they follow your play and what Sugar Deops levels you use the most.  I also have a set routine and I have noticed for over a year that they change the levels frequently.  Since I use what I have in boosters without buy ups, I am at their mercies and have to find new levels every three months.  It sucks but I guess it is the price to pay for playing free.   Hope this helps.  
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