No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • KerianneKerianne Posts: 1 Newbie
    If King thinks this will get me to spend money, they are wrong. I have previously spent, but NEVER again!
    Deryck said:
    @Pounawea I have a little more insight on this topic since the "fix' most have indicated in their screenshots had already affected my one game account since the very beginning. When I say the very beginning, that'd be since earlier this spring when I downloaded the Win10 app version.

    To be honest, I have this community to thank for letting me know this "issue" had been in the game; I learned about it here. But when I tried it out, it indeed worked in the one account. 👍 The other account, however, gave the same display message others have posted in screenshots now. 👎

    I can say not having the ability to shuffle the board without losing a life is not that big a deal, but my gameplay doesn't reflect it. I played far more frequently on the account that had the ability, getting to level 1769 and collecting the most Sugar Stars there.

    The other account, which never had the ability, I play less - only at L1704 - and have few Sugar Stars collected there.

    So as others here have confirmed, I too was more engaged with the game when having the ability to shuffle the board.

    Now that I've lost the ability altogether, it remains to be seen how engaged I am with CCS..

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  • kfdoverkfdover Posts: 14 Level 2
    I won’t stop playing but certainly won’t make anymore purchases. It’s all about the money!!! That’s why we can’t start a new game without losing a life. The new game sucks!!!!
  • KazDogKazDog Posts: 1 Newbie
    This is an absolute dealbreaker for me too. I’ve been playing this game for maybe 10 years. Up to almost 2,000 (didn’t realise until this issue how many levels there are!). I can’t handle this “fix”. I’m hanging up my boots until you unfix it. 
  • kfdoverkfdover Posts: 14 Level 2
    I’ve managed to stay up with the levels being released each month until now, I’m at 5868 and can’t get to the next level unless I make a purchase. Makes me wonder if anyone even looks at all the comments. I’ve even emailed King about the issue and they don’t respond. 
  • jenfinkjenfink Posts: 14 Level 2
    Can you share the email that you found. I’d like to send them a letter as well 
  • kfdoverkfdover Posts: 14 Level 2
    Candy Crush Saga Customer Care
  • kfdoverkfdover Posts: 14 Level 2
    Go to contact us at the bottom
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    Hard and super hard levels must be the start of two color bombs combo. 

    Relax... and play Candy Crush🍒🍭🍫🍬

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    ▪️Candy Crush Jelly: level 541▪️

  • kfdoverkfdover Posts: 14 Level 2
    I’m not making another purchase unless they fix these issues   
  • frebfreb Posts: 23 Level 2
    LMAO at the fools who implemented this "fix". Enjoy all the well-deserved hate, you inept dopes.

  • pmorpmor Posts: 10 Level 2
    I have never posted here or on the helpblogspot but since I'm going to be quitting the game I decided to give my 2 cents. I have been playing for probably 4 years and am in the 4800s in terms of levels. I have seen lots of complaints on the blogspot but in general have always found a way to get the game to have some strategy vs just luck. At first it was in the games themselves, then as levels became ridiculously difficult, it became a strategy of which boosters to use, then sugar drops were changed and the bots added and it became a strategy of resetting the game to start with the combo I thought would best help me win. If all else failed I'd go to the blogspot and the servers behind the scenes would communicate "hey we made some $ off her with the ads" and I'd magically pass within the next time or two. I haven't spent any $ on boosters but have used blogspot a ton so the ads I've been served have made King plenty of $ via that mechanism. Now as the revenue model has increasingly become unsustainable (which any corporate idiot should have figured from the start would happen with the model they chose) they've taken away reset and basically we are left with a game of slots. Some people like slots - paying $ to play same thing over and over and over and over...not me sooooo boring. And of course with slots there's the ability to win cash - not with this game.$. So with quite a bit of regret I will stop playing because, well, it's soooo boring. 
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