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No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • wjgibbsywjgibbsy Posts: 2 New Bee
    Katsby said:
    DomH said:
    King - You need to allow a player to restart or a bunch of us will quit the game.  Why would you make the game harder?

    Simple.  To make more money for them.  We'd lose our boosters and lives quicker.  

  • wjgibbsywjgibbsy Posts: 2 New Bee
    4000 levels and after this "fix" it's jut not fun anymore. I am uninstalling today!!
  • lnj4everlnj4ever Posts: 2 New Bee
    It was definitely a “fix”, it just wasn’t a fix for a glitch, instead a fix to increase profits. ruined it for me!!

    Over the past month I spent a few hundred dollars on coins, well no more. I truly enjoyed the game, and accepted the incremental changes that gradually eroded the quality and value in the name of profits, though this was the final straw. If anyone has suggestions on other games I can play to replace this please let me know.

    From the many reviews, it appears many other invested users will be doing the same. I’m sure King considered this and determined ultimately the return on investment (ROI) for the change was worth it, let’s see if their right!  My suspicion is they will be loosing more revenue then they expected, and I for one will not come back even if they revert the change, simply because of the way they presented it, calling it a fix when it was obviously a way to generate even more revenue (users will need to buy more coins to get more lives and boosts as they no longer can reset boards, created at “random”, lol). Sounds like the softening profits will continue to decline, and the “fix” intended to improve the falling profits will actually make it worse. Whoever came up with this “fix” should start polishing up their resume, in time the Executives are going to see this was a terrible idea.

    Farewell, best wishes to any remaining sheep, lamb is tasty. 😊
  • xoxoloxoxolo Posts: 16 Level 2
    Lol I’m stuck on a level that has exactly 9 candies to start and the rest is marmalade, licorice, chocolate, meringue a whole line of popcorn blockers.  And twice now have gotten a coconut wheel under the marmalade. Gtfo king 
  • ananda901ananda901 Posts: 1 New Bee
    If they don't fix the issue with exiting the game I will no longer be playing this game cause i'll be stuck on one level for way to long. So fix this issue or I'm out . 
  • WatchMEcRush21WatchMEcRush21 Posts: 42 Level 2
    So, maybe now you will decide to stop modifying levels by reducing the number of moves making it very difficult for us to pass and waste all of our boosters.  This “fix” is total outrage because the reset was only real chance for us to get close to level 6000 by getting a lucky board to beat these ridiculously hard levels.  I am currently at level 5232 and you know what I think it is finally time to stop playing this game.  Shame! Shame! 😡😔
  • pmorpmor Posts: 10 Level 2
    Dear Community,

    Of course we have to fix this! It allows players a slight advantage in dealing with the random element in some levels. We would rather this be accomplished through purchases of gold or boosters. 

    And that says it all right there doesn't it?!  Not sure who will be left playing to help you out with those extra purchases you're hoping to achieve.... If revenue is down for this product this isn't likely to be a profitable solution to the problem. That said, if you're looking to wind the product down and divert your resources to your other newer products I think you've hit the mark!
  • TchkjhTchkjh Posts: 4 New Bee
    Once again the king company is lying to its players. Oh well....no more candy crush for me...
  • Selenators263Selenators263 Posts: 2 New Bee
    edited December 2019
    I have a big problem with candy crush i play candy crush all the time and now i can't go in and out my level by not doing a move without losing a life this is **EDIT: RUDE** dix the **EDIT: RUDE** problem and hurry up and fix it now i can't get my levels without getting the two color bombs hurry up and fix the **EDIT:RUDE** problem now    
  • cobbercobber Posts: 3 New Bee

    Thanks King for making us so upset and so sad today! 

    The issue has been fixed :unamused:

    I hate the change so much! :angry:
    I test it out and it's the worst thing I've ever seen in the game! :confounded:
    @Pounawea if you love us and love the hole community... Please talk with the team for bring everything back to normal please if you love all of the Candy Crush players... <3

    Thanks! <3
    i know it’s not a fix it’s dumb. Change back. 

  • cobbercobber Posts: 3 New Bee
    Change it back to normal. It’s not a fix it’s dumb. 
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