Receiving and sending lives via Facebook - not working!?

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Something sticky is going on in the Facebook message system these days so many players aren't able to send or receive any lives.

This is being looked into by the Game Team and Facebook, and hopefully get fixed shortly.

We will post any updates or news about the issue on this thread.

Thanks for your patience!

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 67,028 Crushing Legend
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    @Tzvi_Marcu Hi again, Although i do like your idea and i am also not experiencing any issues with the lives issue. Think you have to understand that we are the same as you in the all help group. We can only help and advise and request CM looks at certain feedback form people and hope he can pass this on to the game studio.

    Think in a perfect world that your suggestion is a very good one in theory, but would trying to attempt to implement that cause more problems than the issue now. Sometimes although its not ideal its best to have patience in waiting for these things to be fixed.

    I always class being able to send and receive lives as a bonus and if sometimes it is missing then just get on with it, better to have the bonus than not have it at all

    Understand if this is not what you want to hear and respect that you are trying to help other people as i think i do on here but sometimes we just cannot give the answer everybody wants to hear

    Thank you

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  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 67,028 Crushing Legend
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    @Nicks20 Hi and welcome, There is currently an issue with sending and receiving lives for some people, At present this is being investigated and we will update when we have any news on a fix for this

    Hope this helps

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    This is becoming a known problem. To see if it's just a glitch for you please do the standard troubleshooting by logging out, checking for updates, restarting your device (important) and then log back in and see if this helps. You might also read the many other posts about this on these pages for more advice.

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