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👉Get the Highest Score and Win 20 Gold Bars!!!💪😊 - FINISHED

bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 11,678 Candy Moderator
edited September 27 in Contests

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Tiffi was telling her Dad about all the fun she had during the summer but now it is time to go back to school. One of her favorite subjects is Math and she loves working with numbers, so that gave her an idea for a new contest. 

Players need to replay any level after 100 and get a score that is 6 figures.

Then they reverse the score and that is the score that will count in the contest.

However, since a lot of the scores end in a zero, players can have 1 free switch that will allow them to switch one number with another.

Reversing this score would = 071383, but because I can use 1 free switch, I would change the 8 with the zero so my new score would be: 871303. Anyone can use the 1 free switch.

You must replay and win the level and you cannot change or remove anything from your screenshot, but you may include your initials etc. in the screenshot.

You can enter up to 10 times but only your highest score will count.

The 5 highest scores will get 20 Gold Bars in their Candy Crush Game.

The contest ends at 1500 EDT on 24 Sep 2021

Good Luck and have fun!  😊🍀👍

Terms and Conditions here.



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