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❤️ Candy Secret Crush - Share your Valentine's thoughts and claim a sweet badge!

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager
edited February 2022 in Discussions

The most romantic day of the year Valentine's Day is coming!

Yeti has received a love letter from a secret admirer, but what would you do on Valentine's Day if you had a secret crush on someone?

Would you send them an anonymous love letter as well?

Buy some flowers?

Ask them out on a date?

Or are you too shy to do anything?

Share your thoughts and feelings on what you would do on Valentine's Day to impress on a secret crush.

All players with sweet stories will receive our Candy Crush Valentine's Day 2022 badge:

Have a sweet Valentine's Day...

...and don't forget to check all Candy Crush Valentine's events and other sweet topics in the Candy Crush Community HERE!

You have until Friday 18 February 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to join the celebration and claim your badge.

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