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🥚FINISHED: Count Eggs with Yeti for a chance to win some Gold!🥚

bearwithme Posts: 15,190 Candy Moderator
edited May 2022 in Contests
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Spring is here and Tiffi is already thinking about bunnies and easter eggs.

She was talking to Yeti, and he decided to surprise her by going out and collecting a bunch of blue eggs but he got carried away and lost count of how many he collected. 

Can you help him by counting all the blue eggs (make sure you include the partial ones too)?

Once you have counted all the blue eggs, post your answer in the comments below and 5 people with the correct answer will be chosen to win 20 gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga Game.

The Contest ends at 1600 Central European Time (CET) on 15 April 2022.
Terms and Conditions here.



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