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✅ Win Gold Bars and Badge on Lollipop Meadow Episode 🍭 ( Finished )

kiara_wael Posts: 151,758 Candy Moderator
edited June 2022 in Contests
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Hello Candy Crushers 🍭🍭

There are 10 different episodes in the game and one of them is Lollipop Meadow .Each episode has 15 levels - Lollipop Meadow is after Sunny Swamp and before Lemonade Lake. For this contest, make the lowest score.

Here is an example from my game Lollipop Meadow:

Score 212.300 + 235,370 + 481,510 Total score = 929.180 , This is the lowest total score I got

Post your screenshots in the comments below 😊Check out this guide on how to take a screenshot HERE!


  • 🍭Play any level in the Lollipop Meadow Episode (Easy to Nightmarishly level) after level 171
  • 🍭Play 3 different levels from the Lollipop Meadow Episode and then post the 3 screenshots. Add those 3 Scores together to get your total score.
  • 🍭From the 3 (three) totals score, make the lowest score from the others.
  • 🍭You can post twice
  • 🍭Screenshots must be new (no old screenshots will be considered) and they must show the word “Next”
  • 🍭You can use boosters if you want

🎁 Prizes

The top 5 with the lowest score will get 20 Gold Bars each and the top 10 players will get this Lollipop Meadow badge by @Elsa . to add to their collection.

🗓️ Dates

🍭You will be able to participate here until 13th May ( 10:00 CET)  Terms and Conditions here.

Good luck everyone and Happy crushing! 🍭



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