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  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 812 Level 3
    Not my favorites the endurance levels.

    Hello @LindQ,

    It’s official, level 9151 is just not possible without gold bars. As it is configured now, it is harder than any Nightmarishly Hard level I’ve played.

    I am at this point in my efforts:

    This message means I have tried and failed 50 times and am being offered 35 extra moves for ten gold bars to continue. As you can see, I actually have more than 10 gold bars, but I haven’t used that option yet as I’m not sure that would be enough to finish the level. In my 50 tries, I would say I average around 50 jellies left when I run out of moves. The screen above shows 51 still remaining. In my 50 losses so far, the very best I have done is 9 jellies left and 26 jellies left. The rest have been between 40 to 60 jellies left.

    This level really needs to be fixed. If I didn’t have gold bars, there is no way I could ever complete it.

    My plan is to keep playing it until I have less than 30 jellies left and then use my gold bars to get the 35 extra moves. Hopefully I can pass it. If I fail for some reason, I’m going to need to quit playing until the level is tweaked. A layer or two of the sugar coating on the keys needs to be removed to make this level possible. Either that, or the number of starting moves needs to be about 50.

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  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 812 Level 3
    Not my favorites the endurance levels.

    Hello @Crazy Cat Lad and @LindQ

    I passed impossible level 9151 using the strategy I mentioned in my last post. I got three extra moves to start the level on my 56th try. I then got a very lucky board and only had six jellies left when I ran out of moves. I used 10 gold bars to continue with the 35 extra moves and used 11 of them to clear the last six jellies. So 26 moves to start plus the three extra from watching an add plus 11 extra from the gold bars is 40 moves needed with a six sigma event lucky board. My estimate of 50 moves is about right to make this a regular difficulty level.

    Now on to what I think is a bug in level 9157

    I’ve had a problem twice in a row with level 9157. Both times the level becomes unresponsive to any moves, though the gear in the corner is still active, so I know the game isn’t frozen.

    It appears that the sour skull has been triggered but the next one doesn’t become active so the game is in a wait state waiting for the next sour skull to become active again.

    Both times this happened, I made what could be considered an unusual move. In the screen below, I had used a hammer to align two color bombs and then combined them. It was my first move on the level and the board became unresponsive to any further moves. Here is the unresponsive board:

    Note that neither sour skull is activated.

    After this, I restarted my iPhone and tried again. This time my first move was to combine a fish with a wrapped candy and at least one fish went to the active sour skull and exploded also setting off a striped candy, resulting in the sour skull being hit three times in a row very rapidly. The board was then unresponsive again. Here is the unresponsive board:

    Note that neither sour skull is activated.

    This issue has cost me two lives, a candy hammer, two color bomb boosters, two wrapped/striped boosters, and two fish boosters. I’m not a happy player because of this, so I hope you can identify and fix the cause of this issue.

    I’ve had a similar issue in Candy Crush Friends Saga that I’ve documented in great detail in the support area for that game. The board becomes unresponsive under certain circumstances when playing with Dach’s as a caterpillar.

    These are very frustrating bugs which I hope can be fixed soon. Not happy losing hard earned boosters and lives on these super difficult levels for nothing.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 241 Kingster

    If you are experiencing bugs like unresponsive boards etc, that's something you should contact the support about to report the bug. They'll compile it with other similar reports and make sure it ends up with the right team ^^

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 812 Level 3
    Not my favorites the endurance levels.

    Thanks @LindQ. I actually posted the bug in level 9157 in the support area first and someone reading my post suggested I post it here too. I figured it couldn’t hurt having it in both places.

    Hopefully, it will be easy to reproduce and fix.

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 241 Kingster

    I would actually contact the candy support as well, not just post about it in the support area of the community.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 812 Level 3
    edited April 19
    Not my favorites the endurance levels.

    I guess I not familiar with how to contact candy support @LindQ. Do they have an email or something, or is it a specific person I private message?

    I guess I was hoping a Community Manager or moderator would forward the post to the appropriate team.


  • LindQLindQ Posts: 241 Kingster

    It is easier for the devs to get all the information if it is collected together with similar bug reports, so that they can see exactly what cases it occurs in. You can report bug issues via the support form or directly though the app (The questionmark under settings will take you to the support center).

  • Yorben_GoereeYorben_Goeree Posts: 1,797 Level 4

    Hi, @LindQ

    I am still stuck at level 9170 and when can this level needs a fix? This level is impossible for without using extra moves of purchase with 10 gold bars. Some players have not enough gold bars for purchase a extra moves. That cost for real money.

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  • LindQLindQ Posts: 241 Kingster

    A fix is on the way! It will be pushed with the rest of the patches today (should be soon! we're just waiting for the technical stuff). I do apologize for this mix up, we do not want the level to be impossible unless you get access to more moves, of course. The level will look the same and have the same amount of moves, but the cherries will spawn in faster.

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