Candy crush is suddenly linking to a wrong facebook account.

I logged out of FB on candycrush on my iphone and now when I try to log back in, the game is using someone elses FB account. I checked my facebook settings and only my account is shown. I deleted the game and reinstalled it and it still is logging on using someone elses FB account. How do I get it to resync to my account?


  • KingsPinnKingsPinn Posts: 3,526

    I think what you're seeing is your Kingdom account. Is the map full of players with King avatars? This is quite normal. 

    If you open the app settings you should be able to connect to Facebook and it will show your game once again. 

  • OnWahOnWah Posts: 1

    same problem here. I've tried all the methods on video but still no use.

  • I had the same problem but have solved it. You have to log out of the other persons Facebook account on your device. Log out of the game and close it. Google Facebook and click the link. It will open with the other persons account. Go into their Facebook and log them out. You should now be able to log in using your account. It has worked for me.

  • This worked for me. Log out of your game on your device. Now Google Facebook and click the link. It should open in the other persons account. Go into their Facebook and log them out. You should now be able to log yourself back into Facebook using the account linked to your game.

  • harish_siddiharish_siddi Posts: 1
    But my problem not solved ..., still my saga logging another account 😥 I’ve uninstalled Fb n CCS both... after reinstalling repeating the same problem..., plz provide a perfect solution 
  • clstoneclstone Posts: 3
    I'm logged into another Google account of mine. I'm logged into Facebook with the main account but somehow Candy Crush Jelly is using my alternate account.  I'm having numerous problems with the Candy Crush games. They reset the amount of days I've continually logged in to zero, doesn't give booster for completing a game on the first try. If anyone can help me get logged out of my alternate google account I'd appreciate it.  With the changes to Candy Soda and now this,  I'm all but ready to stop playing all the Candy Crush games.
  • Jelly_JennyJelly_Jenny Posts: 1,902 Community Moderator
    @clstone if you're having issues with the game connecting to a wrong player account on an Android device, these steps should help you get back on track. :) 

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