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Timed Sugar Drops



  • mw111mw111 Posts: 20 Level 2
    I'm a very sad candy crush fan.  Every day I collect some sugar drops to see if I'm still getting those wretched useless timed boosters.  And yes it's the same.  No change.  No lollipop hammers.  No switching hands.  Sigh....

    It's not long until King will be celebrating the creation of level 5000.   Unless I can collect and save a good supply of useful boosters I shall probably just cry and/or swear and give up by then
  • BrizeBrize Posts: 46 Level 2
    I fully understand why the company try out new features some of which are good and enhance the game however, it's a good business practice to listen to your customers and when they complain about a new idea that is causing so much frustration then steps should be taken to reinstate the feature that has been removed so as to make the customers happy people.

  • Lindsey_AshLindsey_Ash Posts: 68 Level 3
    Hey King! Are you reading all the complaints that your customers are posting? Everyone is miserable. Candy Crush is supposed to be fun and relaxing...You have made that impossible now. I myself am not playing anymore till the original boosters lose those stupid timers and I am not the only one. Congrats on making candy crush a bad experience.
  • gatorcrunchgatorcrunch Posts: 19 Level 2
    I don't think they can listen and count their money at the same time.  They are hoping that we join the list of suckers willing to drop another 3 bucks at a time just to pass a level.  
  • BrizeBrize Posts: 46 Level 2
    edited June 2019
    I am an administrator on a forum for another company (NOT King) The owners of the company NEVER visit their own forum. When members post with a complaint, I wait for three members to make the same complaint then send emails direct to the owners who after 2/3 days contact me asking "What should we do?", I say FIX IT and a few days later they do just that. Maybe the decision makers at King take a similar approach and that's why this subject is being ignored.

  • dwhagerdwhager Posts: 1 Newbie
    A waste of time working to collect bonuses from sugar drops when the bonus is timed and never even usable on the level that I am playing.  Time to quit I think!
  • Kane_AKane_A Posts: 2 Newbie
    I just got a sugar drop, but I have run out of lives.  Of course, I get 4 timed drops that expire in 15 minutes, but it's 22 minutes until I get my next life.  Absolutely useless.  Please get rid of these!
  • ZZ430101ZZ430101 Posts: 12 Level 2
    Dear King, rather than spend another week trying to pass one of your super hard levels without boosters, I caved in and spent $1.99 to buy 10 gold bars. So, in 3 + years of playing that makes it a Total of $3.98 you have been able to gouge out of me....don't spend it all in one place.
  • melhencemelhence Posts: 101 Level 3
    Great feedback everyone! Welcome to the community and thank you for voicing your opinions @addym, @Christina_S, @beccasdad!  I hope all of you will explore the community and visit different threads, enter contests to win gold bars, play some games and share some ideas. BTW - you might want to check out this fun poll: https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/258574/who-is-your-favorite-candy-crush-saga-character/p1?new=1

     King has listened and responded to feedback from the players in the past,  it just sometimes takes longer than other times.  Build-a-bot can now be used again on lower levels and they restored people's ability to be able to reset the board.  Hopefully King will listen and get rid of the timed drops.  Today is Wednesday and I haven't even started the 30 new levels yet but I will have to be much more cautious with my booster usage since I have the timed boosters at this time.  I am tagging the community moderator to help ensure our opinions are passed on to the game developers.

    @Jelly Jenny - can you please make sure the feedback from the players about the new 'timed' sugar drops gets back to them?  As you can see - it is a change we are definitely not fond of.  Thank you.
    Hi...I still have no bot..neither for lower or higher levels..have complained/questioned in all forums without any reply..I have it on my android but then the last few levels are not released there so cant play as I am on 4999...On my PC there is no bot..want to know if it has been discontinued for good or I can hope to have it back sometime in the near future !
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 12,529 Candy Moderator
    @melhence - I don't play the games on a computer - I play them on an IOS device, however one of my fellow superstars plays them on a computer.  I have tagged her and we will see what she says. @Elsa.

    Also - there are several threads out there specifically relating to the Build a Bot.  Below is  one of them:
  • Joe000Joe000 Posts: 42 Level 2
    Looks like the King is stepping down:
    Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King, founded in 2003. On May 26, 2019, Zaconni announced he was stepping down as CEO of King.
    I wonder if the changes are a way to build up his severance package or if there is a plan to sell the Company? 
  • Lynn_KalbfleischLynn_Kalbfleisch Posts: 32 Level 2
    I noticed today that timed boosters for sugar drop wins are still there but there is an added bonus today of sugar stars.  These seem totally worthless and just a replacement for the regular stars.  Bring back regular boosters that you can save for sugar drops.
  • mamacathymamacathy Posts: 95 Level 3
    I agree with everyone on our sugar drops and boosters. Keep getting stuck on levels, I have 2 color bombs but they are of no help. It's getting to where CC is a thing of the past, not enjoyable. King is not even throwing us a little nibble to get by, it's like going fishing 🐟 without bait. Hope things turnaround for us.
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 828 Level 5
    melhence said:
    On my PC there is no bot..want to know if it has been discontinued for good or I can hope to have it back sometime in the near future !
    Odd, the bot should reappear every Monday. It's been doing so consistently for me on Win10 app ever since King restored the ability to build the bot playing old levels. In other words, mine's rarely disappeared for long. And now the timer increased to 300+ hours of use. Usually the bot expires over the weekend, so that's why it reappears Monday to be rebuilt all over again.
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 35,146 Sweet Legend
    Thanks for tagging me @bearwithme.  I play the game on Windows 10.  @melhence yesterday I had both Build-a-Bot and Space Dash.  Last night Build-a-Bot disappeared and today I have just Space Dash.  Let's wait until the new episode comes out tomorrow to see what we have.  Tag me here tomorrow and I'll tell you what is showing on my Windows 10.

    @Deryck, yesterday I had a full Build-a-Bot and an empty Space Dash.  I played Rami yesterday and last night Build-a-Bot was gone and it was only showing the color bomb on Space Dash.  Today Space Dash is full but I am very curious to see what happens tomorrow when the new episode is released.
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