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Help us bring back 30-minute lives!



  • impossible146impossible146 Posts: 23 Level 2
    Nice to see this on 54. I will not quit if this stays but I’ll be more into games like Clash of Clans where you don’t have to wait 5 hours for 5 3-minute games.
  • Lisa_DomLisa_Dom Posts: 2 New Bee
    Effectively reduced the amount of time I spend playing CC - not the smartest move by King!
  • fayburnettfayburnett Posts: 3 New Bee
    Not happy with new one hour wait for lives. Why do this? Would like an explanation! 

  • raqcappo71raqcappo71 Posts: 3 New Bee
    I'm only on level 823 and there is no way I will be spending money on this game. I will delete it. Solitaire is free haha. I stopped playing a few years ago just started up again about a month ago. I will stop again lol
  • impossible146impossible146 Posts: 23 Level 2
    You’re ending up waiting 5 hours for about 15 minutes of play, unless, of course, you buy/use gold, now I can’t make gold off of episode race because people there still seem to have 30 minute lives. Another trick to make players buy gold. 

    I don’t like being in a test group. I feel like a lab rat or a guinea pig.
  • debijasperdebijasper Posts: 4 New Bee
    Yes it is a money grab and once you cave into a purchase it seems that free items stop appearing.  And waiting an hour for a life is just stupid 
  • kayzeekayzee Posts: 1 New Bee
    Extremely frustrating, especially when stuck on a lvl and can’t use 1hr booster
    " stucked at level 3406 for almost 3days now,  I hope they take this into consideration"
  • camberwellbeautycamberwellbeauty Posts: 5 Level 2
    ...and, in the long term, while trying to suck us in to buying lives, doesn't King realize how many players are now going to drop out?  There are probably a lot of seniors who play, something to do, keep them occupied, well, they don't have the funds to keep buying extras.  Not a sensible approach, King.

  • HjburtieHjburtie Posts: 1 New Bee
    wish I’d never updated . Love this game but waiting 1 hr for every life is ridiculous!! I have occasionally brought things ( maybe 2/3 times) but I won’t now as I do think it’s a ploy to make people spend money so for me it has had the opposite effect ! Not a good move 😫😡
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