No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



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    Pounawea said:
    Warm welcome to all newcomers! 
    Your feedback is very much appreciated, it helps us understand how this change is affecting already your player experience. Did you guys start changing your strategies and the ways you used to play the game? If yes, please share it with the community. Keep your feedback coming 

    Pouna you appear to be still as blissfully unaware as King that there are so many newcomers ONLY to complain about the changes, and they are telling you clearly they are going to

    1.Stop spending money
    2.Quit altogether if it is not changed back

    So don't waste your time welcoming people when you could actually take note of the anger level of the once loyal community and pass it on. Of course we are angry - where did years of loyalty get us???

    Also if you bothered to read the majority of posts - the No. 1 new strategies are

    Pretty much collect any freebies each day, wait for it to change back. And if it doesn't change soon delete the game.

    What part of this do you and King(Activision) not understand??? Its repeated heavily for over a week, hundreds of times and agreed with many thousands more.

    What don't you guys get? Hoping it collapses from under you if you don't collectively grow a brain sooner than later and show us all some respect.
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    Pounawea said:
    Dear community,

    Warm welcome to all newcomers! 

    Your feedback is very much appreciated, it helps us understand how this change is affecting already your player experience. Did you guys start changing your strategies and the ways you used to play the game? If yes, please share it with the community. Keep your feedback coming  

    On another hand, to @WatchMEcRush21 comment and others, we are still in conversations with the Studio. As soon as we have it, the official announcement will be posted in this community. 

    Have a delicious day 🙂
    Oh, for crying out loud.

    We. Hate. This. Change. Literally NOBODY has found anything positive about it. 

    How did we change our strategies? By QUITTING. The studio has made strategy impossible. 

    It would be great if you people could just stop conversing with the studio and give us the bad news already. 

    Seriously, not even an apology for the inconvenience? You're barely acknowledging the extreme dislike and outrage thousands of players have been expressing. 

    Why on Earth do you still want feedback? Do you think it's going to magically change to something positive? It isn't, I assure you. 

    Allow me to specify, as the studio seems to be unclear. 




    Jesus. I haven't dealt with this level of disregard since I was in retail thirty years ago.
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    CarynVB said:
    The most viewed thread in this community and still no sign of anyone from King addressing the issue. Unbelievable. The loss of being able to shuffle the board was definitely a game changer. I had given up. It was no longer fun. Tonight I decided to give it another chance but my iPhone and iPad didn’t update the levels and I lost all my lives trying to get them to sync. Good grief. 
    About your sync, or lack thereof.,I play on Android devices and that happens to me on occasion. Usually happens when I go directly from my tablet to my phone so I can keep playing. I've accidentally played the same Nightmare levels over cuz I forgot to make sure they were synced, but I don't make that mistake anymore! 
    I do twothings to fix it, don't know if iOS apps allow it. I go to the app mgmt and clear the cache (not the data, you'll lose every booster saved on thst device). Then I do a Force Stop. It works every time and doesn't hurt the game. Since I got screwed the last time I updated it, I keep updating if one's available, hoping to be one of the chosen few to get ad videos...but now I know that if I get them back I could lose the Booster Bot, so I need to be careful what I wish for, lol. 
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    Where are we now in the seven stages?
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    Hello @TurboTim66 and @Ledalasvegas

    As I commented in previous posts, I totally understand the frustration caused by this change in the game. As you might know, I recently joined this community and I'm still getting to know things about the game and, most importantly, about you, our players.

    Your different game experiences and your feelings when playing the game are very important to me. Every one and each of us can play and strategize in a completely different way and this is what I aim to understand. During these days that have passed, some players might have tried to change/adapt the way they play to this new scenario, some might have already quit. Other players, perhaps, might have decided to wait until the official announcement is released. We have a big community & forum members (growing!) of Candy Crushers and I want to know from all of you so I can represent your voice and sentiment better. 

    I understand the situation is extremely sensitive and I totally understand that you might quit the game because you fully disagree with the latest changes brought to the game. This discussion is very difficult, there are a lot of emotions and tension involved.

    At the same time, your frustration, disappointment, and concern about the final decision of the team cannot lead to disrespectful comments to my persona, nor to the people working here and nor any member of this community. Insults are not welcome in this community.

    That being said, I'll insist on that part again, as soon as we have the official announcement, I'll be posting it here. 

    Thanks a lot everyone and have a delicious day.
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    @Pounawea said: Your different game experiences and your feelings when playing the game are very important to me. Every one and each of us can play and strategize in a completely different way and this is what I aim to understand

    But this is what I heard...
    King would love to know how many different ways you've changed the way you play (if you play at all)
    Don't answer that question or they'll start "fixing" things again!

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    akamklklg said:
    How do i get my friends back instead of random characters
    As Pounawea states below, Facebook friends can be returned to the game, and it's a darn good thing he's right. 
    I signed out and back into Facebook in the game. I checked both of my devices and they both have my friends, not a bunch of frangers. I didn't experience the Facebook downtime so was unaware of it.
    Thank you @Pounawea for at least one crisis averted. I was actually heartbroken to not see the girl I raised as the daughter I never had and "sister" my son needed, I haven't seen her in person in 14 years. 
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    Dear @JethrinaBodina and @akamklklg,

    I've been informed that yesterday there was a Facebook connect downtime and many players might not be connected to Facebook now. If this is the case, I'd explain what you guys are experiencing. 

    Let's imagine the following scenario: I used to be connected to Facebook and I could see my friends but, due to last nights' issue, I'm not connected to Facebook anymore and I'm not seeing my friends. Instead, I'm seeing a list of random players that I don't even know. This happens automatically, the game shows you a list of Kingdom friends (players saving their game via email) with default avatars.

    So, once you have the chance, please make sure your game is connected to Facebook. Hope this helps!

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    @JethrinaBodina you do realise that king games are NOT the only games studio to have testing features on it don’t you? There are games I stopped playing 10 years ago still labelled as beta. In fact I have played zynga games with features on not available to everyone. 
    Let me break it down really simply for those who don’t understand. 
    All games companies, release new features. Rather than release to everyone they release to small (by their standards not ours) select groups. This way if a feature turns out not to be popular, or breaks the game, everyone’s experiences are not impacted. This is completely separate to removing a set feature. Not all features remain in a game. Sometimes it might be popular but cause issues or breakages or other reasons. I don’t know all the technics and I don’t work for king so I don’t know all the issues. 
    And before you jump on the “ah but” speech...does anyone play funky bay? If so you know it’s not king. You also know it’s plagued by things not working due to mass release and not fixing. But they also have control groups that have features others don’t. Not a  king game. Bellka I think. What relevance does this have? None. No more than bringing up control groups but clearly it needs to be said as you seem to think it’s on a black list. As regards control groups over the years I have always had different tests to my husband. It’s the way games work when they are continually evolving. 

    And for the rest of the posters. I understand you are frustrated. However, it’s no good making remarks about idiots and respect and complaining to what is said and responding as you are to the team on here. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar as my nana always said.

    As a player my thoughts are my own. Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting them. Just for note.  
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    Yes, my strategy as changed since the “fix” was implemented.  I burn through my 5 lives and timed boosters that I have earned now.  My fantastic five team cannot complete team goals because I’m the only one playing.  My weekly leaderboard standings have dropped because I do not waste my time coming up with a “strategy” anymore.  This “fix” has taken all the fun out of this game.  I’m not sure how many people have to keep telling the Studio this....

    Thank you Pounawea for responding but I’m pretty sure we are all at the point where we just want a response from the Studio.  We know that the “fix” is not going to be changed, unless the Studio is waiting for the Cosmic Climb to end.  That’s the only reason to me why this “fix” was only considered.  I believe most of the Community have learned to accept this “fix” now.  There has been a divide for some Community members that no longer communicate because of this thread.  Spread a little Christmas cheer to amend this “fix.”   Please have an answer from the Studio by Friday.  That’s all I ask....😔
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    Well, @Pounawea, when your persona can give us answers instead of platitudes (I mean, really, nearly sixty pages of unanimous outrage requires discussion?), and empathy instead of poorly-hidden condemnation, neither of which is particularly respectful to those of us who would appreciate NOT being given the run-around, then maybe whichever one of you is currently inhabiting said persona would find us to be a little more receptive. 
    Apologies to your persona if my pointing out the obvious is considered an insult. 🙄
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    And as an aside... referring to an unnamed group of individuals as "idiots" is exercising my opinion as is my right under the first amendment. If I were attacking a specific person, using libel, hate speech, or profanity, then you would be within your rights to remove any statements I make as those would not be covered by the first amendment. 
    But opining that the people who are apparently ignoring us are being idiotic, is totally within my rights and, as it isn't aimed at anybody SPECIFICALLY,  not a direct insult and any removal of expressed opinion is overreaching one's implied authority.

    Have a delicious day and enjoy crushing...our pleasure in this game, that is. 
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    As you have stated. Slayer of Chickens, you are not a technical representative of this or any other gaming company. Your statements here, and elsewhere, are thinly veiled, passive aggressive, and judgmental. I have never used the word idiot unless referring to MYSELF. I have also not directed a single word at one of the people that run this forum. I have QUOTED them and that is all. What part of "King would love to know...." don't you understand? Pounawea may be a perfectly lovely person, he may actually care. But King can also read EVERY word of this forum and telling them the various ways we "get around" the hobbling may very well be shooting ourselves in the foot. 

    Beta testing is to be expected and the testers are typically MADE AWARE of the fact that they're part of the group so they can provide FEEDBACK.  After all, is that not the very definition of beta testing?  Regardless of whether it's actually what is being done to random numbers of players, neither you nor I know, testing also has an END DATE. If the testing proves that the process is successful it's rolled out to EVERYONE. If it's not, it's back to the drawing board, not on to another set of unknowing players. 
    I've been a beta tester, and on far more important data than this game. Any company that can't conclude a beta test in less than TWO YEARS (that's how long I've played) deserves to be slammed. King brings in unfathomable amounts of money EVERY DAY. They don't need to use their paying customers as guinea pigs!! They could, no, PROBABLY have a testing facility and process that can simulate as many players that are using the game right now, if not MORE. 
    The aspects of the game to which I refer are not beta tests. They have been part of the game for YEARS and are given and taken at the whim of the developers. I've had things in my game that my Mom has never laid eyes on and we've been l playing almost the same amount of time. She has a device with NO features and one with SOME. If she were part of a control group her devices wouldn't be so different. I am 1500+ levels ahead of her because I have (had) what she does not.
    If this is not the case, they need to respond to the numerous players that have NONE of the features left that enable them to continue playing. Before you "ah, but...." Check your ego (and your facts) at the door. 

    I have to wonder why they even care HOW we play the game as long as we KEEP playing. (And why you feel the need to chastise). Anyone that got through the levels too fast or too easily, in King's opinion, has to wait for new levels to drop. They can only go back to play old levels until then. That's THEIR problem! They pushed through a game to get to the top, however it long it took and how much they spent doing it is also their "problem". They are the ones "suffering" with anticipation for the new levels. They are also the LOUDEST voices of the angry crowd of pay-to-play-ers. They are also the ones that will no longer PAY to play.
    Don't bother responding, I don't care what you have to say. It'll fall on blind eyes.
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    Since King clearly isn’t going to change it back, I’d love to hear what other games people are playing. I think it’s time we start looking for alternative games that don’t put money in King’s pockets. 
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