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Boosters! The Farm Heroes Team needs your feedback!



  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 6,944 Community Manager
    This is great feedback @Laetitia_Van_Zyl👍

    Thank you for taking the time 🤗
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • corvusJcorvusJ Posts: 1 Newbie
    I was also very disappointed when Bonnie’s booster trail suddenly disappeared from my game. I had not been playing as much before that feature was introduced because the levels were getting too hard to beat without boosters, and paying for boosters to win a level (you can easily beat any level if you’re willing to pay enough) feels like cheating to me. I liked the “use them or lose them” quality to the boosters, and the incentive that you would be dropped to a lower booster level every failed try. It gave the game more of a strategy. I hope Bonnie returns soon because I no longer play on my iPad except to check if it’s back. Fortunately i can still play on my iPhone and I guess I just won’t upgrade Farm Heroes on it. 
    My favorite booster is the shovel, useful for getting a sheep to the hay, cracking an egg, or destroying a pesky web. The second most useful one is the cat that collects all of one crop. The +1 booster is not terribly useful unless used in combo with the cat since the extra points only last one move.
    this is my first post in this community, although I’ve been playing for a long time. Please bring Bonnie back!
  • FleurdeslisFleurdeslis Posts: 7 Level 2
    More opportunities for free boosters.  I use them all!
  • joiceeannejoiceeanne Posts: 16 Level 2
    edited June 2019
    Bonnie definitely adds more fun to the game and is a great motivator to take on those levels that are difficult to beat.  I'm not sure why you took her away.  :/  The color catcher is one of my favorites, as are the shovel and the tractor.  I also like the +1, it really helps to beef up the points before using the color catcher.  I would use the airdrop more, or the +5, and even the egg cracker, but it takes too much gold and they are not worth the cost.  I liked it when finishing the race could earn gold bars.  It would be nice if they could be earned in more ways. It would also be nice to be able to buy shovels with beans during a game.  I don't know how many times I needed just one or two more moves but couldn't buy shovels because I didn't have enough gold.  If we can buy them for beans before the game, why not during?  I like the idea of a booster that would allow me to put a hay bale where I want it, or grow all the mushrooms.  If I think of more, I'll be back.  : )
  • birgebl13birgebl13 Posts: 3 Newbie
    Yeah, please restore the Bonnie Horse.  I will not bring up the song "My Bonnie".  Oops, I just did!
  • IrenkaIrenka Posts: 65 Level 3
    edited July 2019
    Hello to all the Heroes!

    I totally agree with everybody, who asked for Bonnie horse to be returned! I miss it sooo much and I loved it! @corvusJ , @joiceeanne , @birgebl13 , @Phoenixindigo ...

    Re boosters:
    -- For sure, shovel is the leader))))) Nice, that you can buy it - maybe you can make others to be available for beans but higher value? (Cat-dog collector for 5000, raw collector for 1500, for example).
    -- If I have cat-dog collector booster, I usually use +1 before it, so to collect as much as possible croupies. 
    -- Raw collector is useful sometimes.
    -- once I won 3 boosters +5, and I was disappointed because they automatically added to 3 games to whatever level you play! Maybe its possible to add option to choose on which level to use them??? (For example, if you get stuck you can press button at the end)
    -- Extra color-drops are helpful sometimes, maybe they s.b. added at the bottom.

    Recently were added advertising boosters, which I don't like at all - SO MANY POP-UPS ALREADY!!!
     +3 moves can be helpful, but it appears not when you DO need it the most.
    Also after watching add few times I was kicked out from the game and it made me mad!

    I like the Special levels - when you're stuck and then if you pass with 3stars you can get 3 prizes( hehe, off course, in order to pass  spend few boosters first).

    Maybe later I will write something else, even that this message became long)))
    Good luck everyone!
  • bby_doll24bby_doll24 Posts: 5 Level 2
    All of the boosters need to be available when u want to use them. Especially if u buy them with yr gold bars.
  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,007 Farm Moderator
    Hi @bby_doll24 and welcome :) They are available when you want them unless you cannot use them on a specific level. Do you have an example? 

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    🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
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    Farm heroes addict collecting cropsies since 2013. 

  • bby_doll24bby_doll24 Posts: 5 Level 2
    That was my point to not only have a few available at a time. All should be avail on whatever level yr on especially after u unlock it. 
  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 14,007 Farm Moderator
    Ah I get you. I think most of them are but I could be wrong. I seem to think the only ones that aren't are the egg crackers or clean booster and they are only available on the levels where they can be used.

    Keep social distancing 🥕 Stay Local no trips to Barnard castle! 🥕 Protect your loved ones 🍓 Hands face space 🍓 
    🐥Life's not about counting chickens. Unless they all escape their coop of course! 🐤
    New contests! 🍓  Win boosters in the Farm Heroes area 🍓 Win beans 🐤

    Farm heroes addict collecting cropsies since 2013. 

  • simsimsimsim Posts: 35 Level 2
    New booster should be something like " replace/move" feature similar to candy crush...it would be much easier to make 5 crpos in a row and avoid dog collecting bonus.

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