No Reward after completing quest in Farm Heroes Super Saga?



  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager
    Hi guys,

    Please post your player ID. This way we can look up your player account and pinpoint where the issue is.

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  • dianedodgindianedodgin Posts: 4

    Here is my Player ID: 1002825605 

    Thank you,
    Diane Dodgin
  • ntpsdmcntpsdmc Posts: 0
    It s me again ! The game is not working , when I have to get the prices says " the internet is not working" or " you have received the prices" and there ir NOTHING, I am attaching a pic. I love this game but I see you are not supporting as well as other games.. I sorry too much
    I will playing coz I said I love it, but I will not buy with real money anymore. 
  • jojodavjojodav Posts: 1
    I am having the same issue

    This is my player ID: 2015999883
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager
    Thanks @dianedodgin and @jojodav ;
    I'll forward your player ID to the dev team so they can look into the issue.

    Anyone else with this issue - please post your player ID here as a comment. Thanks

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  • ntpsdmcntpsdmc Posts: 0
    I´m really sad. Love this game, use to buy with real cash boots, but since the last update, the game gives prices.. doesn t work. Sometimes says " Error with internet" and sometimes says " Great you received your price" and there is NOTHING at all. 3 minutes ago I won a price and ???? NOTHING PLUS since last year don t let me send lifes to my neighbours... feel frustrated
  • luzz65luzz65 Posts: 1
    user id 2201534720
    same issue "no internet connection" when I try to get the quest rewards.
    Furthermore when I try to ask friends for lives it loads the page but it disappears in less than a second
  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,075 Community Manager
    Thanks guys,

    I'll grab your player ID's and escalate this issue.

    Update to follow once I know more.

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  • dianedodgindianedodgin Posts: 4
    Player ID: 1002825605  Today I missed out on receiving all three of the Quest rewards.  The first two still say "no internet connection".  I refreshed the game and received the third reward; two Collection Baskets but they don't show up in my inventory. 
  • bigbearsgirl08bigbearsgirl08 Posts: 4
    Like many others, I am having an issue with an error that states "no internet connection" when I attempt to collect a reward for quest completion. I play on my laptop using a Chrome browser through Facebook. I do have screenshots that I was asked to provide several days ago through Facebook Messenger. I have done that but never received a response. I have to use my internet connection to use Facebook on my laptop. This really doesn't make much sense. The directions for making sure of my internet connection do not apply to me because I'm not using an app.
  • LadySiameseLadySiamese Posts: 2
    When the new quests came up, it says I have no connection..I'm not playing this game on my iPad or cell phone. How can I get these quests? They upgrade a game and don't fix the problem. :( :( 
  • crawfordzoocrawfordzoo Posts: 1
    edited March 29
    Player  ID 10153540696056367

    Same issue: message of no internet connection (false) and when I do get to collect the reward it is not in inventory. I play in FB gameroom and have done what has been suggested to delete the game and reinstall it. I have also played it in my chrome browser (on FB) with same results. Have also cleared the cache and nothing changed.
  • cruzibbcruzibb Posts: 2

    I've been using a laptop to play Farm Heroes Saga in FB gameroom. I have completed a few quests but everytime I try to collect my reward, it states no internet connection or my rewards doesn't show up in the next level.

    my ID is 1003364671

  • AlohaAloha Posts: 3
    edited March 31

    My ID is Aloha

    Playing Farm Heroes Super Saga via on my laptop. I claim my Quest reward. But it never is received or shows ups. Sometimes when I collect my Quest reward, its says, no internet connection. Quest prize never shows up in the next level.

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