No Reward after completing quest in Farm Heroes Super Saga?



  • Tony_DeutzTony_Deutz Posts: 4

    Player ID 10154584979497841 No Quest Rewards False "No Internet Connnection" Error. Multiple rewards missed. Playing on FB. Thank you.

  • LadySiameseLadySiamese Posts: 2

    Here is my Player ID: 1603224732  and I'm having the same issues as everyone else. No Quest Rewards False "No Internet Connection", I'm playing Farm Heroes on my computer and NOT on my phone or tablet.

  • vikkyvikky Posts: 1


    I see that a lot of people have the same issue as me. All the solutions offered are for people playing on their mobile devices. I'm playing on my laptop directly on FB. I have had probably about 15-20 "rewards" that I did not receive. Either it says I've received it but it never shows on the next level - and it's not because it did not save progress - or it tells me there's no internet - which is weird since it has no problem loading the next level. I am very disappointed in this. It seems like we're being lied to.

  • wildhoneywildhoney Posts: 3

    I am also receiving "No internet connection" message when I try to claim my rewards on Farm Heroes Super Saga". I clearly do have internet connection when everything else works. On the occasions when it does go through, my rewards aren't showing up anywhere. When will this be fixed and will we all be re-imbursed for this error?

  • Harvey20Harvey20 Posts: 1

    I am also receiving "No internet connection" message when I try to claim my rewards on Farm Heroes Super Saga". I clearly do have internet connection when everything else works. On the occasions when. Advice by King,com in e-mail to join this community where it appears where we are having same unresolved problem. is not addressing this issue, it eventually in happened in every game I've tried. The only way to make anything to work is to buy coins and play which is why they've created this in the first place to make money from the players.

  • suz58suz58 Posts: 0

    Why am i not getting my rewards for completing the quests?

  • bjean1969bjean1969 Posts: 0

    When completing quests on Farm Heroes Super Saga, I'm not getting any rewards, or sometimes when I click on the chest it says no internet connection. Please help. I think my game ID is 1 19 12, but not sure. Could you also please tell me where to find my game ID if the ID I gave you is incorrect? Thank you. 

  • ChristelleMerlinChristelleMerlin Posts: 3
    edited April 5

    récompense de farm heroes super saga

  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,074 Community Manager

    Hi guys,

    I have merged you all into this thread so I can keep you all informed about this issue.

    For the ones who have posted your Player ID - Thank you! This will help the game studio in locating the issue.

    For the ones who haven't send their player ID yet - please feel free to do so. The more data we can establish about this issue the better.

    Welcome to the King Community! 

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  • chodges19chodges19 Posts: 0

    I have yet to receive any of the rewards for completed quests. I either receive a message stating that there is no internet connection (see photo attached), which makes no sense, since I am on the internet to play the game, or the gift box opens, but the reward never shows up.

  • bigbearsgirl08bigbearsgirl08 Posts: 4

    Mark, for those of us who play on our laptops using the Facebook interface, can you please tell us how to obtain our player ID? The instructions that were linked in a previous comment are only for those players using mobile devices. It doesn't work for those of us who are not using the Farm Heroes Super Saga app. - Thanks

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 21,711 Superstar

    Hi @chodges19 thank you for posting here in the community. They are going to ask you to troubleshoot so please clear the history and make sure that you have the most recent version of the game. Then click on one of the links below to complete the troubleshooting. If you still have the problem after doing all of this, please let me know and I can tag the community manager for further help.

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